Osceola lot closes, leaving fewer parking options

This lot on Osceola Street is now closed for parking. Photo courtesy: Tori Ayala

Florida A&M University has had quite the parking experience for some time, but with the population of students increasing every semester, parking gets more scarce on the university’s campus. 

The most considerable parking lot available for students is the parking lot garage on Wahnish Way. Although it is designed for student parking, all students must have a vehicle registered through the university’s parking services. 

Often, students need help finding parking on campus, and they find that they have to park on the outskirts of campus and walk a far distance to get to their desired destination. 

In a lot of cases, students often miss class if they aren’t able to find a parking space on time. 

Students have constantly expressed their concerns to university officials yet the admnistration still needs to plan to create a better parking option for students to attend classes without the stress of figuring out parking. 

Another parking lot on Osceola Street used for student parking is being shut down for renovation as the campus is creating a new dorm. While housing is also essential on FAMU’s campus, that was a vital lot that students used to park. The lot was located in the heart of campus. 

Luisa Miller, a fourth-year broadcast journalism student, said: , “My biggest struggle is finding parking in an area that isn’t too cramped or that has actual parking lines that are visible.”

 Parking Services  strongly enforces correct parking, although parking is usually limited. 

YuKwon Toney, also a fourth-year broadcast Journalism student, said: “I try to come about 15-20 minutes early in case I can’t find parking easily in a preferred location. That’s the biggest struggle because if I arrive late, I will be even later due to not finding parking.” 

While the university’s priority is the safety of students, students often rush and drive places fast to find parking because of how limited it is. 

Skyler Gooch, a fourth-year education student, said:  “We are constantly having to fight with people to get parking spots, which causes several accidents on campus.” 

There are parking options outside campus, even though the university has yet to announce future intentions to increase parking. Students living off campus can attend class using FAMU’s complimentary shuttle service, the Venom Express. Carpooling with companions or housemates is an additional option. Finally, utilize applications like Lyft, Uber or Spin to pay for campus transportation.

The university’s Parking Services would not say how it plans to assist students with daily parking struggles, despite numerous requests by The Famuan for comment.