What makes the FAMU culture so special?

Photo courtesy of FAMU Forward.

HBCUs across the nation are known for their rich and distinct culture. Whether it be for the community, historical significance, or a change in environment, many Black students gravitate toward being nurtured by HBCU culture before entering their careers. 

However, many alumni and current students argue that FAMU’s culture is unparalleled to other institutions. The spirit of Set Friday, Homecoming, and football games are always enough to bring rattlers together. 

According to the US News & World Report, Florida A&M University has ranked #1 public HBCU for five consecutive years.  

But why is FAMU so special? 

The school is distinguished by “its legacy of providing access to a high-quality, affordable education with programs and services that guide students toward successfully achieving their dreams,” according to the official Florida A&M University website. 

With the increased push for representation over the last few years, many Black students find solace in being surrounded by other motivated and driven black students. Along with motivated peers, FAMU students also frequently interact with black professionals in their desired career paths. 

Kennedy Lacey, a second-year psychology student, appreciates the representation on campus. “I like that I’m surrounded by people who look like me, so that makes me feel more comfortable,” Lacey added. 

FAMU also has a diverse population of students and faculty. They showcase that blackness is not just a monolith but celebrates all nationalities.  

Students of different backgrounds often exchange and take part in multiple cultures. Clubs such as the African Students Association, Caribbean Student Association, Jamaican Student Association, and Haitian Cultural Club are open to all students.  

Layla Burrell, a first-year animal science pre-veterinarian student says, “you can always connect with someone with a similar identity.” Burrell added, “You can even connect with the professors. I noticed a lot of them are Jamaican, and I’m Jamaican myself”  

Outside of having a diverse population, FAMU also celebrates different interests in a comfortable atmosphere. At FAMU, there are over 300 registered majors, organizations, and clubs students are open to joining.  

“For me, going to FAMU had a lot to do with my major. Only a couple of schools in general have my major,” Burrell said. “I feel like it’s really easy to make friends here when you go to the events. I ended up meeting the people I’m friends with now at the sand courts playing volleyball.” 

FAMU also emphasizes hospitality, as it prides itself on being the “College of Love and Charity,” according to Florida A&M University’s official website. On campus, students can often be seen holding doors for each other, greeting peers, and doing community service.  

“People always hold the door for you and always say ‘hi’ or ‘good morning.’ People are just nice here,” Burrell said.  

Kayla Spain, a second-year psychology student, feels a sense of community on campus. “I really love FAMU’s vibe,” Spain said. “The community is so inclusive, and once you find your crew, it’s like you’re part of this big family.”  

FAMU provides an educational, nurturing, and fun environment for a diverse group of people. 

Spain concluded her statement by saying,“You really can’t beat the vibes of our school spirit”