Office of Housing has reason to brag

FAMU Residential Assistants and RHA Executive Board at (FHO) LEAP Conference. Photo Courtesy: FAMUhousing 1887

In a whirlwind of enthusiasm and creativity, Florida A&M University Office of Housing resident assistants and the RHA executive board took the spotlight at last month’s 2024 Florida Housing Officers LEAP conference hosted by Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton.

The outcome? A dazzling array of accolades and recognition underscoring FAMU’s spirited prowess and solidifying its power in housing conferences.

The prestigious Splat Award, an esteemed recognition for an institution with the most spirited roll call video, kicked off the accolades. FAMU’s infectious energy about spirit has left an enduring imprint, confirming the deep spirit level on the campus of the only public historic Black university in Florida.

The roll call video that was curated by the adept Assistant Director of Marketing, Ernest Nelfard, stands as a masterpiece capturing the quintessence of FAMU’s vivacity, accessible for viewing at It is without question an embodiment of genuine Rattler pride.

Continuing the trophy haul, FAMU clinched the Green Clip Awards for adorning the most aesthetically pleasing clothes pins. Florida A&M’s RAs showed their creativity by transforming objects into artistic marvels.

Leading up to the crowning achievement of the LEAP Choice Award, the pinnacle of state-level honors recognized FAMU’s unwavering commitment to nurturing a spirited community. This prestigious accolade solidifies FAMU as a preeminent creator of a vibrant residential milieu.

Individual commendations were also in order, with Resident Director Justen Smith, Resident Director Jairus Williams, Resident Education Coordinator Natalie Alexis, Resident Assistant Ronnie Burns, Resident Assistant Camryn Harper, and Resident Assistant Tavyon Ashley earning acclaim for their exceptional presentations.

Their commitment to enhancing the residential experience at FAMU was genuinely admirable, contributing substantially to the overall success of the delegation.

As students look at these historic wins, it is no doubt time to acknowledge the collective endeavor that has propelled RHA and the housing department to unprecedented heights, securing recognition not solely at the state level but regionally and nationally over the past year. This success narrative is a testament to the unwavering support from all quarters, ensuring Florida A&M University continues to provide exceptional experiences for students and staff alike.

In the spirit of love and charity, let the student body perpetuate the Rattler pride, eagerly anticipating forthcoming adventures on the highest of seven hills as FAMU continues to set the standard for excellence in housing on the national stage.