The Rec Center: Are you sticking to your goals?

The FAMU Recreation Center Photo Courtsey: The Ajax Building Company

2024 welcomed more than just a new year, but also new year resolutions, a new semester, and new opportunities.

The new year also welcomed the reopening of the Florida A&M University’s Recreation Center. The fitness center announced its new business operation hours this past Monday via their Instagram page. 

The recreation center, known as the “rec” is where many students go to work out, train, and partake in other fitness activities. With the rec center open, speculations of upholding work out resolutions are arising amongst the student body.

Many hope to maintain a healthy lifestyle by taking part in fitness and wellness activities offered on and off campus. One concern that some have is the utilization of the rec center for students who stay off campus.

Nina Shortt, a fourth-year broadcast journalism student, said that it’s difficult to utilize the rec center while living off campus. Shortt also noted that being realistic about one’s fitness goals will take some pressure off its upkeep.

“I used to go to the rec when I lived on campus, now I have to go to gyms like Crunch because of the commute,” Shortt said. “To be honest, you must be realistic when it comes to your workout routine, do what you can handle.”

Aaliyah Tatoute, a FAMU alum, noted that realistic expectations and goals for the gym will make attending less overwhelming. Tatoute said the best way to stay in the gym is to focus on consistency.

“One of the major ways that I plan to implicate a workout schedule into my life is by focusing on consistency,” Tatoute said. “My schedule is so busy with working and going to classes, constantly working out for 30 minutes is more achievable and less overwhelming than an hour.”

The rec offers an array of machines and other equipment that caters to all areas of the body, whether it be bench pressing or hip abductions, this gives students a chance to renew old habits and learn new ones. With the semester in full swing, students have strategically planned their schedules to prioritize wellness. 

Balancing academic demands with self-care can become a commitment by emphasizing the importance of a holistic approach to success. 

The reopening of the rec center not only provides a physical space for exercise but has also become a symbol of resilience and rejuvenation. Students are embracing the opportunity to redefine their routines, ensuring that health and fitness remain prominent components of their daily lives throughout this year.

Jordan Forbes, a fourth-year broadcast journalism student, said that if she had more time, she would put more effort into utilizing the rec center. She expressed longing for the freedom of putting time back into volleyball, a sport she loves.

“If I did have time in my schedule, the rec center would be high on my list of places to get back to as I miss playing volleyball,” Forbes said. 

Overall, as the news spreads, many are concerned about the limited hours posted. 

According to Recreation Center’s Instagram page, it seems that the rec center will only be operating from 8am to 6pm, Monday through Friday. The post noted that those times could change.