Career Expo is back with more opportunities for students


Hundreds of students attend the Expo every semester. Photo courtesy: FAMUTube 1887


Florida A&M University’s Career and Professional Development Center is gearing up to host their biannual Career and Internship Expo on Wednesday, Jan. 24, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. FAMU’S CPDC is back with more opportunities for students, ranging from government to education, business and technology.

CPDC says students should expect big-name companies like The Creative Arts Agency, Tesla, and several government agencies for internships and career opportunities. 

While the Career Expo aims to provide opportunities for internships and early talent positions, in the past, students have voiced their concerns over the lack of variety in internship and career opportunities. Students studying healthcare and nursing say they feel significantly underrepresented.

Mia Zeigler, the employer relations coordinator for the FAMU CPDC, says the program tries to give opportunities to everyone by hosting separate expos for other majors. 

“We also have two smaller career fairs,” Zeigler said. “We have the Health Professionals Career Fair that’s held in October or November. We have our Education, Social Sciences, Arts & Humanities Career Fair and that is held every March.” 

Ziegler explained the larger career fairs catered more towards students lacking the time to present themselves in front of companies.

“We do have a lot of talented students,” Ziegler said. “But, the larger career fairs and those students in those particular degree [programs] don’t have their time to really showcase themselves.” 

Students are encouraged to attend the Career Expo despite the concerns. A senior business administration student, Ashlyn Boles, says the fair offers inclusive jobs for all majors. 

“All students should go to the Career Expo,” Boles said. “Because not all opportunities are just for business students, which is a common misconception. In addition, many do not know what they truly want to do for a career, so this is a great opportunity to learn what is out there.” 

Danyielle Benjamin, a senior nursing major, has high expectations for this year’s fair. 

“I am expecting even more diverse opportunities and a chance to grow my professional circle,” Benjamin said. “I am hoping to stumble upon new programs and services that match where I’m heading career-wise.” 

In addition to the fair, CPDC has scheduled additional workshops and events for students to prepare. This week, CPDC hosted an “Are You Prepared for the Fair?” event where students could receive resume and interview tips ahead of the fair. 

CPDC’s annual JCPenney Suit-Up event will also occur on Jan. 21 from 5-8 p.m. at the JCPenney’s in Governor Square Mall. Complimentary shuttle services from Polkinghorne Village and FAMU Towers North will run during that time. 

For more information on the fair, check out FAMU’s CPDC website and follow them on Instagram.