FAMU College Democrats elect new leader

Photo courtesy: Myriah Fox

The FAMU College Democrats, a prominent political organization at Florida A&M University, recently held its annual elections, resulting in the appointment of a new president. The election process, which showcased the organization’s vibrant and engaged students, saw a diverse range of candidates vying for the position.

Ultimately, Myriah Fox emerged victorious, promising to lead the organization with a progressive vision and a commitment to fostering political engagement on campus.

“I’m excited to accomplish all of our goals and set a positive example for the college community. Along with seeing increased involvement from students who aren’t studying political science, I also look forward to working on events with numerous other organizations,” Fox said.

The College Democrats have long been recognized as a powerhouse of political activism, advocating for social justice, equality and progressive policies. With the FAMU chapter’s new president at the helm, the organization is poised to continue to impact campuses and beyond significantly.

A passionate and dedicated student, Fox brings a wealth of experience to the role. Having previously served as the organization’s vice president and director of programs, they have demonstrated a deep understanding of the political landscape and a commitment to amplifying the voices of marginalized communities. Their election is seen as a testament to the trust and confidence placed in them by their peers.

Sophomore and fellow member Courtney Stephenson shared her love for Fox. “I am so proud of Myriah. I am excited to see what she has in store for the organization as I know she will take it to new heights, continuing the excellence we strive for,” she said.

Fox shared her vision for the organization’s future. She also emphasized the importance of expanding outreach efforts, especially with the FAMU chapter being the only HBCU chapter in Florida.

The College Democrats have a long history of organizing events like voter registration drives, political forums, and community service projects. Under the leadership of Fox, the organization plans to expand its reach and diversify its activities, ensuring that students have ample opportunities to engage with the political process.

In addition to their internal goals, the FAMU College Democrats are determined to make their mark in local and state politics. They aim to support progressive candidates who align with their values and advocate for policies that address the needs of marginalized communities.

Jovan Mickens, the former president of FAMU College Democrats and a graduating political science major, shared his thoughts.

“It was a great honor to serve as president of the FAMU College Democrats for the past year and a half,” Mickens stated. “To pass the presidency to someone who has been here since the beginning of rechartering in 2022, no other person could lead the organization upward than her and her amazing executive team, advisor, and members.”