Meet the multi-talented Jai Adams

Photo of Jai Adams courtesy: famufb

Jai Adams, known to many as “KJ McCou,” is a sophomore at Florida A&M University pursuing a degree in health administration. Beyond academia, Adams dons multiple hats, excelling as both a singer-songwriter and as an offensive lineman with FAMU’s football team.

Adams, with Instagram handles @KJMcCou and @JaiTheVocalTherapist, is making waves on the football field and in the music industry. Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, Adams’ roots run deep in the city’s rich cultural heritage.

Adams reflects on his commitment to both his academic and athletic pursuits.

“I’ve been doing music my whole life; I use my personal time to work on that. Being a student-athlete is my priority,” Adams said.

His journey is fueled by a desire to convey messages that resonate with others. He shares the therapeutic nature of his music.

“I’ve been dubbed a therapist; I want to say things other people can’t say in my music,” he said. “That way, I can bring clarity to certain situations.”

Adams’ dedication to his craft is evident in his ability to balance the demands of being a student-athlete with the creative process. He highlights the discipline required to succeed in both realms.

“I’ve taken school tests during studio time; it’s a big orchestra, but if you respect what you’re associated with, it’ll pay off,” Adams said.

The artist has been fortunate to hear his music emanating from people’s cars and gracing television screens. Adams shares the satisfaction of connecting with his audience.

“Hearing your music from people’s cars and on TV is always a good feeling. It means you’re relaying your messages correctly,” Adams said.

Behind the scenes, Adams collaborates with seasoned producer Clayton Brock, also known as Brock, from Walk on Water Entertainment, LLC. Brock has been a guiding force in Adams’ musical journey.

“I was on the platform Clubhouse where I frequented a lot of music rooms. I wanted to meet and network with potential artists,” Brock said.

He emphasizes the importance of knowledge and research in navigating the music industry.

“Know all that you can so you won’t be easily misled or deceived.”

Bria Jaunté (Instagram handle @bxdgalbri), a fellow singer-songwriter, shares insights into the budding artist’s early days on campus.

“Jai was the new guy on campus, and once my friend knew he could sing, she instantly connected him with me,” Jaunté said. “I was excited to work with him because he’s extremely talented, and I knew that came with a lot of insight that I could learn from.”

Jaunté envisions a promising future for Adams’ music career and expresses hope for collaboration.

“My take on R&B mixed with his is a dope track waiting to happen,” Jaunté said.

As Jai Adams continues to navigate the dual worlds of academia and the entertainment industry, his journey is an inspiring testament to the pursuit of passion and the coexistence of diverse talents.

Both Jaunté and Adams’ music can be streamed on all platforms.