Kennedy Wilson practices what she preaches

Photo of FAMU student Kennedy Wilson courtesy: Wilson

Kennedy Wilson, a fourth-year Florida A&M University food science major from Broward County, solidified her love for health, nourishment and fitness after taking a nutrition course.

Her journey in college began as a nursing student, but soon changed after the discovery of her passion for enhancing people’s health and well-being could be better pursued outside of medicine. Wilson has immersed herself in the world of food both within and beyond the classroom, and she helps other people gain a better understanding of how to take better care of themselves with her social media platform @bodywithkenn.

Wilson says in America we have some of the highest leading diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart issues.

“It’s all coming from the food we eat. So with the content that I post I like to talk about not only fitness, but also how you can grow your body and eat right too,” Wilson said. “We should all try and grow a better body for ourselves, but a lot of times what we eat can affect our mental health so it all ties in together.

This fitness content creator began her platform with her fitness page “BodywithKenn” on Instagram and TikTok to show how nutrition, health and fitness are a need for a healthy lifestyle as a student.

This fitness content creator began her platform with posts on her main page about ways to stay healthy. Soon she transitioned to making her own page to target people and students who just want to better themselves. She wanted to be an example for people that you can start anywhere and reach a goal if you put your mind to it.

Robyn Mobley, a second-year pre-nursing student from Tampa, attests to gaining insight on how to still manage her body in a healthy manner within the dorms — thanks to Wilson’s content.

“I live in the dorms so I often just order Door Dash or Uber Eats because I’m not the biggest fan of the cafe, but watching Kennedy make some of my favorite fast-food places healthier by watching intake and ingredients in a way has helped me,” Mobley said.

Once Wilson switched her major she continued her health journey not only through fitness, but by also becoming a pillar within the College of Agriculture and Food Science.

“As the president of the Food Science Club there are always obstacles that come forth, but beginning new opportunities for other students and meeting companies on how our dietary research can help people makes it all worth it,” Wilson said.

Any student can partake in the events she hosts with her organization and learn about the importance of your own diet.

Isadora Saint-Juste, a fourth-year bio pre-med student at FAMU, said, “I went to the food science’s chocolate making event and didn’t know how many chemicals we eat and put in our bodies every day. I have to give Kennedy a lot of credit. She is passionate about nutrition for others.”