‘Word Around Campus’ releases second season

Photo courtesy: “Word Around Campus”

As the fall semester unfolds at Florida A&M University, the buzz on campus isn’t just about classes and events; it’s about the highly anticipated second season of the “Word Around Campus”  show.

Created by Tristan Hutton and produced by Alexis, WAC season 2 is making waves, providing a platform for FAMU’s diverse stories and talents, transcending the boundaries of the journalism school and capturing the essence of the entire university.

Word around campus is that season 2 of WAC has already begun, and it’s shaping up to be a stellar season. Hutton, the visionary behind WAC season 2, sees the show as a unique opportunity for students to showcase their stories and talents.

Alexis, serving as the producer, plays a crucial role in bringing these narratives to life. Together, they are committed to expanding the scope of WAC beyond the confines of the journalism school, reaching out to the broader FAMU community.

WAC is not just a talk show; it’s a reflection of the vibrant and diverse culture at FAMU. “WAC is a talk show I created last semester. It’s a show created for the students, by the students,” Hutton said.

The show serves as a medium to discuss what’s happening around FAMU, providing a platform for students to express their views and share their experiences.

Season 2 promises to be even more inclusive, capturing the essence of FAMU as a whole, ensuring that the multitude of talents and stories outside the journalism school are given the spotlight they deserve.

WAC season 2 made its debut in the middle of the fall semester, and the excitement has been building with each episode. Every Friday, a new episode drops, offering a weekly dose of FAMU’s culture and stories.

The accessibility of WAC is another highlight — anyone can watch it on YouTube, making it easy for students and the broader community to engage with the content.

Filmed at FAMU’s journalism school, WAC maintains a connection with its roots while actively working to break down barriers and reach a wider audience. The decision to film at the journalism school symbolizes the collaborative effort between the show’s creators and the university’s communication community.

Hutton acknowledges the need for inclusivity in campus media.

“You would always see the same five, six, seven people doing the same things. Rightfully so because they deserved it, but journalism school is so much more than those five, six, seven people,” he said.

WAC aims to be a catalyst for change, offering opportunities to a broader range of students who may not typically find themselves in the spotlight.

“It was to give people a chance that normally wouldn’t get a chance from people,” Tristan said.

By showcasing a variety of voices, talents and perspectives, WAC seeks to break the mold, ensuring that FAMU’s journalism school is recognized as a hub of untapped potential waiting to be explored.

As the curtains rise on the second season of “Word Around Campus,” FAMU eagerly anticipates a celebration of its rich diversity. Hutton and Alexis, through their collaborative efforts, invite students to share their stories, fostering an environment where everyone’s voice is not only heard but celebrated. WAC season 2 is poised to be a platform where the vibrant tapestry of FAMU’s culture takes center stage, making waves not only within the journalism school but resonating across the entire campus.