Six Christmas movies to watch again

Photo courtesy: Netflix

The day following Halloween, television networks begin airing their assortment of Christmas films for hours on end. The beginning of the holiday season is usually observed in November, and many look forward to the 25-day Christmas countdowns on Dec. 1.

Here are the top six classic Christmas movies guaranteed to entertain you this month.


The story of a small orphan child who accidentally climbs into Santa’s bag of gifts on Christmas Eve is told in this funny Christmas movie. The youngster is then sent back to the North Pole and reared as an elf. After discovering years later that he is not actually an elf, Buddy sets out to discover who he truly is by traveling to New York City.

This is a pleasant and humorous film, but it doesn’t appear to be able to decide if people really need evidence of Santa’s existence.

The Night Before” 

A more recent movie is “The Night Before,” which came out in 2015. In this comedy, three friens — who are about to fully transition into adulthood — put an end to their legendary Christmas Eve hijinks. They engage in entertaining activities to ensure that the evening is remembered for as long as possible throughout the film.

A popular character portrayed by comedy legend Seth Rogen is one of the primary characters. This movie can be excellent for you if you enjoy Christmas comedies.

Friday After Next”

The sequel to “Friday,” “Friday After Next” is a beloved Christmas comedy. The film opens with Mike Epps and Ice Cube as the main protagonists being robbed by Santa Claus. They run into terrible situations trying to get their stolen stuff back from the robber throughout the entire film.  Although it’s not your typical Christmas film, this one is unquestionably a family favorite. Craig and Day-Day’s Christmas will undoubtedly make you chuckle if you’re in the mood for some fun.

Home Alone” 

The notoriously implausible narrative of “Home Alone” is shown on television in homes throughout the Christmas season. According to Forbes, the 90s movie hasn’t lost its appeal because it was the highest-grossing Christmas picture until 2011.

Even as we keep watching the film, it is difficult to ignore pointing out the improbable coincidences that took place. You must wonder how a family could leave their child at home on a holiday trip —not just once, but twice —after seeing the film so many times. Around this time of year, a lot of people watch the film’s sequel.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas” 

This beloved children’s film about the spirit of Christmas is unquestionably a classic. One of the all-time favorite Dr. Seuss-based films is the one about the Grinch and his never-ending desire to ruin Christmas.

The film, which was released two decades ago, focuses on the value of preserving the Christmas spirit and the meaninglessness of worldly possessions. A 2001 Oscar nomination for best performance by an actor in a motion picture was given to Jim Carey because of his outstanding performance in the film.

This Christmas”

This intensely dramatic film is not your usual “feel-good” Christmas film. The movie centers on the real-life issues that the Whitfield family faces and attempts to stay away from after getting back together for the holidays for the first time in four years.

Chris Brown’s performance of the song “This Christmas” is the reason behind the movie’s fame. In terms of his musical career, Michael, a character created by Brown, is like him in real life. Many people find resonance in the movie’s familiar narrative, which explores familial issues that are common to all families.

This Christmas classic will probably be played in many homes by families – pun intended.