Pop Fun Chew is an oasis near campus

Photo courtesy: Pop Fun Chew

If you’re ever looking for a fun place to hang out during the day, you need to check out Pop Fun Chew, a café located on Adams Street that has been open since 2021.

They offer a VIP karaoke lounge, classic arcade games and homemade snacks. The scenery of the café is a place where students chill out and enjoy their time close to campus.

This café is owned by Thomas White, a chemistry professor who wanted to be able to give back to his HBCU while supporting his business.

“We are a locally owned gourmet popcorn shop in Tallahassee. Our specialty is freshly made warm delicious sweet, savory and spicy popcorn. We also have an awesome loaded funnel cake menu to satisfy your every desire,” he said.

“Business has begun to get slow so by having different events while also being close to campus allowed me to provide a safe fun space for college students to relax and feel safe all while having fun,” White added.

Funnel cakes, fried Oreos, popcorn infused cheesecake, Oreo infused popcorn, buffalo ranch popcorn, vegan popcorn and regular popcorn are just a few of the snacks they sell.

Plus, among the games the professor provides are Pac-man, card games, karaoke, corn hole, PS4, Wii games and more. They are available for all customers to play during their time in the café.

“The café is a great place to hang out in my spare time, I enjoy going just to do some work or even as a hang out spot to go to with friends, Professor White is very sweet, and I love being able to support his business,” student Maleia Shaw said.

When it comes to supplying treats for fundraisers and events, White has a profit scale for partners to go off of so they can know how many pieces they need to sell as well as how much money they would make.

White said, “I don’t not supply everything, but I do allow the event planners to use the games and the entire place including the backyard garden. So whatever supplies they bring I usually give them some juice and popcorn to add to their list of free treats.”

Be sure to stop by the café if you ever want to try something new in your spare time, or want to have a new hang out spot for you and your friends.