Unbeaten ’Noles determined to stay strong

Photo courtesy: Fantom Sports

A perfect 13-0, quite the record for the Florida State University football team.

Not only did the Seminoles have an epic season with no losses, but they also did this while losing their star quarterback Jordan Travis. Travis was a powerhouse for the 2023 Florida State football team, a leader, and a friend to his brothers.

Due to Travis‘ injuries, he was unable to play in the last two games, but all in all Florida State still showed up and won both with a second-string quarterback. Yet still with a perfect season, Florida State was not chosen for the college football playoffs and became the first undefeated Power Five champion to be left out.

Demands have been made by public figures such as Senator Rick Scott and Republican Governor Ron DeSantis that there needs to be someone to answer for the Florida State snub.

Back in Tallahassee students, players and fans have all been surrounding the Florida State football team with love and support as they enter their final game of the 2023 season without their rightful place in the championship playoff and without their starting quarterback.

A couple of Florida State football players were able to comment on the state of the team without Travis.

When asked how the team has rallied to keep the spirit alive since the loss of Travis, student-athlete Jerrale Powers said, “We just kept working, we know how bad he wanted to be out there but couldn’t so we stayed strong for him and the team because that’s what brothers do when one falls,” he said.

An incredible fighter’s spirit was displayed by Powers in his statement. Powers confirmed that since Travis couldn’t do it for himself they did it for him and they won these games in his name.

Another FSU student athlete, Jaylen Early, answered the question of what the team owes a perfect season to, amid the loss of Travis.

“I owe the success to every coach and staff member around surrounding the team. Without them, we couldn’t have made it as far as we did. We all stood together and committed to work every day to achieve what we wanted,” Early said.

Early said it’s not just the players but the people behind the scenes that make them able to focus on the field. According to these athletes, the power of strength and standing as one is what keeps them focused.

Students and fans had to keep hope alive in the stands after the loss of Travis as well.

Amber Elder, a second-year physical therapy major, said, “It’s just really devastating to see how hard these boys have worked all season and to suffer such a major loss like Jordan Travis is just really disheartening. I still plan on showing up and supporting my team because they always showed up for me when it was time to play.”

Emily Herbert a Florida State student who has been watching the Noles since she was a young child, claimed, “I’m a personal fitness trainer so I know that these boys have to be physically and mentally exhausted, because as the record shows they have been working so diligently to come out successful in all these games and the thanks they get is being left out of the playoffs. It’s so sad.”

Florida State is using every advantage it can to gather together again and revive the spirit of the football family.