Kim Godwin is keynote speaker at Dec. 15 graduation

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Graduation isn’t just a ceremony—it’s a big achievement. It marks the end of hard work, growth and a whole lot of commitment.

It’s a celebration of the countless late-night study sessions, the triumphs over challenges, and the friendships forged along the way. Beyond the cap and gown, graduation is the key that opens the door to a world of possibilities, where dreams meet reality, and the journey of a lifetime truly begins. It’s a moment when hard work and resilience are not just acknowledged but applauded, and each graduate stands on the brink of their future, ready to leave a lasting mark on the world.

As the academic school year draws to a close, excitement and anticipation are reaching new heights for the Dec. 15, 2023 fall commencement ceremony at Florida A&M University.

This year’s graduating class of more than 650 students is in for a treat with the announcement that Kim Godwin, a distinguished FAMU alumna and the first female president of ABC News, will take the stage as the keynote speaker. Godwin’s commencement address is expected to be a highlight of the ceremony, offering graduates a unique perspective on breaking barriers, achieving excellence and the transformative journey from academia to the professional world.

Godwin expressed her deep gratitude in a press release: “As a proud Rattler, I am deeply honored to deliver the fall 2023 commencement speech. FAMU gave me the tools I needed to get to where I am today.” Godwin said.

Her words are expected to resonate deeply with the graduating class, inspiring their future endeavors.

Mira Lowe, dean of FAMU’s School of Journalism and Graphic Communication, passionately praised Godwin for her dedication, for lifting others and believing in their potential.

“I think she’s a phenomenal choice. Kim Godwin represents what our program does here and what the university has to offer at large. When it comes to excellence, I think having her come from our program is an inspiration to our students here at SJGC,” Lowe said. “I think seeing someone who was a student here, raised to those high levels in media, is a testament.”

The ceremony itself promises to be a weaving of emotions and triumphs. In the majestic attire of their cap and gown, graduates will confidently step onto the stage, each movement resonating with the echoes of years spent in unyielding commitment. With each stride, they grasp their well-deserved diplomas, transforming a journey of perseverance into a moment of resounding triumph.

As the tassel gracefully turns, it symbolizes a change in headwear and a profound shift into the forthcoming chapter of their lives, teeming with promises and untapped potential.

Families, friends and faculty members are invited to partake in this joyous celebration, where they will not only witness the academic accomplishments of the graduates but also be touched by the impactful words of Kim Godwin.

The event is a communal celebration, echoing the shared pride and joy that encapsulates the essence of graduation. This year’s ceremony unfolds at a familiar venue, the Al Lawson Center.