Housing uses pep rally to recruit students

Students pack into FAMU Towers South to learn more about job opportunities with FAMU housing. Photo courtesy: Zoe Wells

FAMU’s Office of Housing hosted a pep rally last week for students interested in working as student leaders in various positions.

Interested students learned about FAMU housing and all the positions they are hiring for the 2024-2025 academic year.

The Office of Housing holds a recruitment and selection pep rally every year. With a live DJ, food and games, this students enjoyed a unique chance to learn about employment positions within FAMU housing.

The event is usually held in the FAMU Towers courtyard, but this year the event was moved inside because of the rain.

But that didn’t stop the party. Students could dance, eat and play bingo.

The bingo was an interactive game where students had to move to different sections to learn about the different positions that housing offered. Once students completed each section, they could mark the corresponding letter off.

Tyra Masiku, a first-year business administration student, says the game was a clever way to learn more about housing.

“I tried to get every letter on the card because I knew I could gain more knowledge about what housing offers,” Masiku said.

The Office of Housing offers numerous positions for students: resident assistant, desk assistant, residence hall associate and residence hall associate executive are the four positions students can apply for.

With FAMU always seemingly focusing on student leadership, many students take this chance to jump into serving for FAMU.

Da’Monta Wiggins, housing’s assistant director of education and engagement, says this will allow students to take on leadership roles at the university.

“We want to give students the chance to be engaged and show themselves in a position where they can grow and develop not only in life but on campus as well,” said Wiggins. “This gives students the chance to show what they can do.”

Students must go through several steps to be considered for the job, including a carousel day where they are assessed on how they would handle situations if they were working as resident assistants.

If a student who applied is offered a job, they must sign on FAMU University Housing signing day on March 4, 2024.

Working for university housing is the best of both worlds for some students. Not only are they guaranteed housing, but they also get to make money while in school.

Christiaan Lewis, a first-year architecture major, says that landing a job with FAMU housing allows him to work where every student wants.

“Everyone wants to be an RA, and it’s a little competitive, but there is nothing wrong with a little competition.”