Genae Crump a tireless advocate for disadvantaged youth

Photo courtesy: Genae Crump’s LinkedIn

Genae Angelique Crump, a seasoned education advocate with more than 25 years of experience, recently shared her wealth of knowledge on the “So Let’s Talk About It with Dr. Dee” podcast, hosted by Donna Austin and her Florida A&M University interns.

As the CEO of Crump Educational Consulting Group, Crump’s journey in education spans diverse roles, from program director to assistant principal, reflecting a commitment to transforming the educational landscape.

During the podcast, Crump delved into her extensive experience overseeing neglected and delinquent programs, emphasizing the importance of education for youth in the Department of Juvenile Justice systems.

Her role involved ensuring a seamless transition for these students as they navigated alternative school settings, detention and commitment, with a focus on maintaining educational continuity.

In the discussion, Crump highlighted her varied roles, including program director of teacher preparation programs for Florida’s colleges and universities and director of volunteer program services.  Crump emphasized how important it was to refrain from judging the youth because they are only a reflection of the environment in which they were raised.

“I don’t like to call them delinquents necessarily because they are only a reflection of where they come from,” Crump said. “They are youth whom the system has failed, and the majority of them aren’t even aware of how the system works.”

Crump’s academic journey, marked by a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Florida, a master’s in educational administration/leadership from Florida State University, and a doctorate in educational leadership from Florida A&M University, showcases her commitment to continuous learning.

One of the notable aspects of Crump’s academic journey is her dissertation research on school breakfast programs, driven by the belief that good nutrition directly impacts students’ ability to learn. She explored policies on school feeding programs, shedding light on the factors influencing the adoption of specific breakfast programs in Florida.

Crump’s commitment extends beyond education, as she actively engages in community service through various organizations. From her leadership in Zeta Phi Beta sorority to roles in Leon County Chapter of the Charmettes,  Jack and Jill and Delta Kappa Gamma Society International, she leaves an indelible mark on her community.

Donna Austin, the podcast host, expressed admiration for Crump’s contributions to the community. Austin also commended Crump’s overall goal by committing to change.

“Dr. Crump’s dedication to education and community service is truly inspiring,” Austin said. “Her work reflects a commitment to empowering the next generation.”

Markayla Oats, a fourth-year public relations student, shared her insights after the podcast on Crump’s influence. Oats said Crump instills seeds of motivation to make positive impactful decisions for the community.

“Dr. Crump’s story resonates with students like me and it’s relieving to know that someone of her caliber also has to push herself,” Oats said. “Her passion for education and community involvement motivates us to make a positive impact in our own spheres.”

Genae Crump’s appearance on the podcast illuminated her multifaceted contributions to education and community service. As she continues to advocate for justice and educational equity, her influence extends far beyond the classroom, leaving an enduring legacy for future generations