Elijah Hooks takes on statewide role

Photo of Elijah Hooks courtesy: Hooks

In an exciting development for the Florida Student Association, FAMU student Elijah Hooks has been appointed to serve as the organization’s chief of staff.

Previous noteworthy FAMU students who have served as the statewide organization’s chief of staff include Ramon Alexander, Shawn Pittman and Sharon Letterman-Hicks, which is a testament to Hooks’ exceptional leadership skills, dedication to student advocacy and commitment to positive change.

As the chief of staff, Hooks will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the FSA and its mission to represent the interests of students across the state. His experience in student leadership and his passion for ensuring equitable access to resources make him an ideal candidate for this important position.

Hooks, a senior, has been actively involved in various student organizations throughout his academic journey.

During his recent tenure as a student senator and attorney general for the Student Government Association, FAMU Student Vice-President Jefferey Francis said, “He’s truly one of a kind. His work was always thorough, paying close attention to detail.”

Hooks spearheaded several initiatives to improve student life, including advocating for change as FAMU’s Homecoming Health, Safety, and Security Sub Committee chair to enhance campus safety measures. One goal Hooks tackled was opening the hubs on weekends. Noticing concerns about this, he made it his business to get this taken care of.

Jayla Baynard, a student who raised concerns on this matter, spoke out about Hooks. “I thank him for actually caring about what the students want to see,” Baynard said.

His ability to not only sing for the FAMU Gospel Choir but also listen to student concerns, communicate effectively, and implement tangible solutions has been instrumental in his success.

As chief of staff, Hooks will work closely with the FSA chair and other key stakeholders to develop and implement strategic plans that address the needs and concerns of students statewide. He will be responsible for coordinating efforts between various student organizations, fostering collaboration, and ensuring that the voices of Florida’s students are heard at all levels of decision-making.

Florida State University student body president and FSA chair Jack Hitchcock praised Hooks’ appointment, highlighting his exceptional leadership qualities and commitment to student advocacy.

“Elijah’s work ethic is among the strongest of anyone I have ever met,” Hitchcock said. “I have known him for just over four years, and it has always been obvious that Elijah is something special. He has made great strides to serve his community, and his dedication to service will continue to have a profound and powerful impact on the education in the state of Florida.”

Hooks’ appointment is critical when students face numerous challenges because of the COVID-19 pandemic. From remote learning to mental health struggles, students are grappling with unprecedented obstacles and still trying to adjust to getting back into the norm. With his experience and dedication, Hooks is well-positioned to lead the FSA in advocating for policies prioritizing student well-being, academic success, and equitable access to resources.

In response to his appointment, Hooks expressed his gratitude and excitement. “I am thrilled about the opportunity to bring my skills to the role of Florida Student Association chief of staff, where I aim to further enhance the educational experience for students across the state. My tenure at FAMU equipped me with the legal acumen and strategic mindset necessary for this position, and I look forward to contributing to the growth and success of the Florida Student Association,” Hooks said.

With Hooks at the helm as chief of staff, the Florida Student Association is poised to make significant strikes in advocating for the rights and well-being of students. When asked where he sees himself in five years, Hooks said, “Somewhere serving the people.”