Student Senate President Loryn May inspires

Photo of Loryn May courtesy: May

Loryn May, a third-year mathematics education major at Florida A&M University, serves as the 53rd Student Senate president. She is also a resident housing assistant, a FAMU Elite Dance Squad member, and Miss Gold ‘22-23 for the Beta Nu Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity.

May has been involved in the Student Government Association since she arrived at FAMU. She ran a campaign her first semester and was elected a freshman senator in the 51st Student Senate. As a freshman senator she served as vice chairwoman of the Student Relations Committee. During her sophomore year, she served as Elections and Appointed chairwoman, interviewing and confirming all of the executive branch and some of the judicial branch members.

“I was timid when I first came to FAMU. That role is the role that broke me out of my shell,” May said. “I had to learn to talk to people, communicate, and be a leader.”

May said that SGA has helped her develop her leadership skills and has allowed her to make a difference on campus.

“I’ve  also learned how to be a voice for the students and how to advocate for what they need.”

Junior year of college is a time of transition. You’re no longer a freshman, but you’re not a senior, either. You’re starting to think about your future but also trying to enjoy your last years of college.

As Student Senate president, May has quite the load to carry. Aside from her role in SGA, her mission is to inspire, uplift and empower the next generation of leaders. According to those around her, she has done that.

Kelton Williams, a recent FAMU graduate and former Student Senate president, says May is living out her mission.

“Loryn was made to be a leader; you can tell in her daily life.” Williams said. “I remember how nervous she was initially, but she owns it. She is becoming the leader that inspired her.”

May is also passionate about making sure FAMU continues to thrive; she wants to see everyone succeed. The people around her have described her as driven.

Jalynn Watson, senior and Royal Court sister, says that May’s determination and motivation are what differentiate her.

“When Loryn has her mind on something, she will get it,” Watson said. “She is going to go after it, and she ends up accomplishing what she wanted to accomplish.”

May is a role model for other students and often inspires those who know her. She is a hard worker and is always willing to help others. She is a true leader and is making a positive impact on the FAMU community.

May has some advice for other students interested in getting involved in student government or campus life.

“My advice is to just go for it,” May said. “Do not be afraid to hear no because there will be a yes.”