Domi Station caters to entrepreneurs

Photo of Domi Station courtesy: Jonathan David

A business development center is making its mark in Tallahassee. The Domi Station is a non-profit incubator and co-working space that offers programs, resources and events to help entrepreneurs start and develop sustainable companies.

Located on Railroad Avenue between Florida A&M and Florida State universities —along with nearby high-traffic businesses — Domi Station is the perfect place for students and entrepreneurs to collaborate. Nearby eateries within walking distance include Roboto Tokyo Grill, Greenwise Market, Chipotle Mexican Grill, and Jimmy John’s. Domi is also surrounded by commercial business strips such as CollegeTown, which is less than half a mile away and features bars and shops, as well as the renovated Railroad Square.

Kara Holbert, associate director of Domi Station, says diversity is how the center thrives.

“We definitely see a bunch of different types of people, some of which work for larger companies but choose to work remotely. About 60% of our incubation participants are minority and/or women,” she said.

Domi offers a range of amenities from a kitchen space, free WiFi and a general gathering area that’s free for all members. To access the conference rooms, private rooms and creative spaces, you will need to purchase a membership. The co-working space encourages collaboration and knowledge sharing. Students can engage in discussions, exchange ideas and collaborate on projects with diverse individuals and professionals.

Joelle Anderson, a FAMU student and intern at Domi Station, encourages students to check out the center. She says the business provides equal opportunities not just for entrepreneurs, but for students alike.

“I would say give DOMI Station a chance. It’s a co-working space. If you want to get work done while also networking, I think it’s a really good opportunity.”

Domi Station is a 5013c non-profit which means it’s primarily funded by grants, donations and, of course, memberships. There are a few hidden perks, Holbert added. “We do have a very robust internship program. I would say half or more are actually FAMU students,” Holbert said.

Supportive environments continue to help students overcome challenges and foster a sense of community. Domi Station remains open throughout the week but is closed on weekends.