Bible study sessions find a niche

Photo courtesy: @positivechuck_cutz Instagram

Wise Walk Wednesday Bible Study meets every other Wednesday evening at Kingdom Life Tabernacle. Each session focuses on strengthening individuals’ walk and faith with Christ while also incorporating relatable life topics.

Wise Walk Wednesdays is one of the many offerings under the Positive Pathways organization that was founded by Nick “Positive Chuck” Fryson in 2020. Fryson is a devoted community advocate, minister, barber, entrepreneur, father of five and loving husband.

Fryson got the idea for the Positive Pathways organization when he thought: “Life is about a journey, and the best way to encourage our youth and young adults is to encourage them to take positive pathways and not fall victim to their peers and poor choices,” Fryson said.

There have been 34 Bible study sessions so far, and each session continues to blossom with more attendees and positive outcomes.

Adrian Fribley, a Florida State student, and said that whenever he attends the Bible study sessions he feels refreshed as a new person, and feels cleansed by the holy spirit. Fribley was baptized in May and said that attending these sessions was one of the influencing factors.

Fryson says the Bible study sessions have allowed him to deepen his relationship with Christ because it allows him to spend more time with him. His favorite Bible verse is Psalms 51:11. “Cast me not away from your presence, and take not your Holy Spirit from me.”

The Bible study sessions begin with a 5-minute meet-and-greet where everyone is encouraged to meet and exchange information with at least three people. Next is Bible study, which involves different verses and stories from the Bible while incorporating real world talks. Lastly, food is served and everyone is encouraged to mingle and discuss what they learned in the Bible study session and how they can apply it to their lives.

Trevin Robinson, who has attended every single one of the 34 sessions, said that his favorite part of each session is getting a chance to challenge himself and reflect back on his daily and weekly activities and how he has incorporated Jesus Christ in his life.

Robinson is also an elementary school teacher at Kingdom Life Preparatory Academy and loves to lead by example, so that others around him can be influenced in a positive way.

The next Bible study session will be held this Wednesday at Kingdom Life Tabernacle, at 1410 East Indian Head Drive in Tallahassee.

Fryson encourages new people to attend and to invite someone else to come with them.