Some students hooked on sports betting

Image courtesy: Kitridge Behavioral Health

A surprising number of young people are addicted to sports betting, many without realizing it. According to a 2018 report in Kindbridge Behavioral Health, 75% of college students gambled and young people have higher rates of gambling problems than older adults.

Ease of access has something to do with it. The federal ban on sports betting in most states was repealed by a 2018 United States Supreme Court decision. As a result, sports betting is now legal in many states, and getting started is simple.

In just a few minutes, players may register with an internet bookmaker or download a mobile betting app. That’s all that’s required to get started.

A simple bet on a game is a great way for many sports fans to become more involved. But the thing with gambling is that it can take hold of your mind and drive, and it may do so subtly.

What is sports betting? It simply entails putting a stake, also known as a bet, on the result of a certain athletic event.

There will be more wagers placed on games that are more popular, like during March Madness or the Super Bowl.

When you’re betting on your favorite team or a major sports event, it’s very tempting to get carried away.

But gambling isn’t a guarantee of success; it’s just enjoyment.

Whether you hit it lucky or begin to chase your losses, gambling may turn into a compulsive behavior that will grip you. Whether you’re harming your family or emptying your bank account won’t matter. You want to place additional bets that might make your sports gambling addiction worse.

Bryce Williams, a fourth-year business student at Florida A&M University, knows he has an addiction but doesn’t plan on stopping.

“I’m not going to lie, I might have a gambling addiction. But honestly, this is just another source of income. Even if I win some, I may lose it all the next day,” he said.

Online sports betting necessitates budgeting, preparation, and moderation. Your hobby of sports betting can easily grow out of control if you can’t control your betting.

Shawn Townes, a senior at Florida State University believes he has a chance of getting rich betting on sporting events.

“I feel like right now this is another stream of income, if I continue to make the right picks, I can get rich and live off sports betting,” he said.

But according to the report by Kindbridge Behavioral Health, the rate of gambling problems among college-age sports bettors is at least twice as high as gambling problems experienced by other gamblers.

Recognizing when your sports betting has become more than just a hobby requires a lot of guts.

Sports betting apps are advertised daily.

A lot of influencers are advertising apps like prize picks, and underdog with a promo code with their name.

This is only putting money in the influencer’s pockets, while the people who sign up and bet are losing their money.

Rather than betting on another game, it might be time to obtain the support you need to stop your compulsive sports betting.