Growing during undergrad

College is a period where we experience both the highs and lows of life. We go through many phases of ourselves, friends and even family members. We are stepping out of our comfort zone, meeting new people and trying different things. This time in our lives is when we put in the groundwork toward who we want to become. New characteristics about ourselves are discovered and begin to teach us who we truly are. The undergraduate experience is unique to each individual where everyone develops independently.

Kellen Edouard, a computer information systems major, feels he’s stepped out of his comfort zone since coming to Florida A&M.

“Ever since coming to FAMU, I feel like I’ve grown as a person and come out of my shell,” Edouard said. “In high school, I was a very closed-off and academically focused person. After coming to college, I feel like I’ve become much more social,” he added.

College is where students grow as young adults, and learn how to better prioritize their well-being.

Tyra Garcia, a political science major with a minor in journalism, feels she’s built a sense of autonomy since leaving for college.

“My development through college has definitely taught me to think for myself and prioritize my needs over other people’s,” Garcia said. “College forced me to start making decisions for my well-being versus making decisions to appease others and hoping they’d do the same.”

Attending FAMU allows students to drift away from what they’re used to and tap into many different realms. From campaigning to pageants to panels, each space is created for growing individuals itching to make their name count. Each student builds their college experience, and one thing remains the same, they all leave a changed person. Whether our work was done externally or internally the impact carries for years after we walk across the Al Lawson stage.