Thrift Club combines fashion, sustainability

Photo courtesy: FAMU Thrift Club Instagram Account

The Florida A&M University Thrift Club has made its mark on campus through sustainable fashion efforts.

Through her passion for thrifting, the president and founder of the FAMU Thrift Club, Trinity Talton, said she started the club to create a community of people who enjoyed thrifting as much as she does.

“I thought it would be a great idea to start the thrift club,” Talton said. “Mainly to unify the thrifting community on campus and to grow the thrifting community in Tallahassee as a whole with like-minded college students who care about sustainability. Specifically in fashion.”

Jordan McCrary, a volunteer coordinator and member, said that the club allows students to tap into something they are more interested in through events they host.

“Our focus is really sustainable fashion,” McCrary said. “Being able to take used clothes and being able to do something new with them, and just being able to find your style for free.”

The FAMU Thrift Club hosts events such as thrift swaps, sustainable fashion shows, and thrift shop trips to continue their efforts to be a sustainable-driven club.

McCrary said there will be an even bigger thrift swap and a sustainable fashion week in the future.

“A sustainable fashion week, where we have different events,” McCrary said. “Including information on how to shop sustainably, how to live sustainably and how to just help your environment by the things you do every day.”

Talton said she hopes the FAMU Thrift Club will expand and gain more traction, and continue hosting events with like-minded organizations.

“I want to amp up a lot of the thrift events we have been doing,” Talton said. “We have done a few this semester but I would like to do a lot more, so we are thrifting with the community.”

According to its Instagram page, the FAMU Thrift Club’s overall mission is growth and sustainability.

“Growing community and promoting sustainability,” says the FAMU Thrift Club’s official Instagram account.

The FAMU Thrift Club has built a community with students who love to explore their style while also helping the environment.

McCrary said that her favorite aspect of the club is meeting other students who share her interests.

“The thrift club events bring out all types of people,” McCrary said. “But it is really good to connect with people with a similar interest and see people on campus and throughout the semester.”

If you love thrifting or want to learn about sustainable fashion, more information can be found on their Instagram account, @famuthriftclub.