Riley brings her food to FAMU

Breshauna Riley and Kayla Poitier.
Photo credit : Lisa Bluntson

A new vendor, The Famous Spot by the talented Breshauna Riley, made its debut during FAMU’s homecoming.

Currently enrolled at the University of Central Florida, Riley, 23, is working toward a degree in lodging and restaurant management.

Riley’s journey in the world of food and entrepreneurship began four years ago when the Apopka native decided to start her own business. However, her love for cooking started long before that.

Riley’s fascination with the culinary arts began at age 14, when she would watch the Food Network channel. She was captivated not only by the delectable dishes prepared by renowned chefs but also by the joy they brought to the judges and the people who tasted their creations.

“My first time being a vendor In Tally felt amazing,” Riley said. “I was nervous coming into it and didn’t know what to expect, but the people here in Tallahassee showed love and supported me to the full extent.”

Jalen Davis, one of Riley’s initial assistants, shared his experience, saying, “Honestly speaking, it turned out even better than I expected. The whole experience was fantastic. I love witnessing the joy on people’s faces and engaging with them. I’m particularly thrilled for Bre; the fact that she sold out was truly amazing,” Davis said.

Two elements have always been at the core of Riley’s passion for cooking: the happiness it brings to people and the pleasure they derive from her creations. From the beginning, she has dedicated herself to making delicious food that not only satisfies the taste buds but also warms the hearts of those who enjoy it.

Her culinary journey began when she started cooking for family gatherings and birthdays, where she received glowing reviews and encouragement from her loved ones.

“Two things I love about my talent in cooking are seeing people happy enjoying themselves and enjoying the food that was made,” she said.

In her school years, Riley was a familiar face, known by many. She had even given herself the name “famous,” a name that would later become the heart and soul of her food business. When it was time to brainstorm names for her business, Riley coined the brand The Famous Spot. The business motto, “Good Eats W/ Famous Bre,” was the essence of her culinary skills and her aspiration to become a renowned figure in the food industry. Riley is determined that her business will someday achieve the fame and recognition she envisions.

“My business is going to blow one day and really be well known and famous,” she said.

This year marked a significant milestone in Riley’s journey when she made her debut as a vendor at FAMU’s homecoming. She admits that she wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, but the warm and enthusiastic reception she received overwhelmed her.

“This event was definitely different from any other, starting with the amount of people. I’m used to serving roughly 100-200 people. That weekend, I served well over 300 people. With the amount of people expected, I had to prep more, which meant spending more time overall,” Riley said.

Her best friend Kayla Poitier has been by her side from the beginning, helping her turn her dreams into reality. Poitier has been a valuable contributor to The Famous Spot and has played an integral role in helping Riley achieve her culinary dreams.

“I feel like I worked more this time, but it was definitely a fun experience,” Poitier said.

Riley’s experience at FAMU’s homecoming not only introduced her to a larger audience but also reinforced her dedication and determination to rise in the food industry. With her best friend Poitier at her side, Riley is well on her way to achieving her dream of becoming famous in the culinary world.