Glam Graphics making an impact

Photo of CEO Ja’Caiya Y. Stephens courtesy: Stephens

Ja’Caiya Y. Stephens, a student entrepreneur, has taken the campus of Florida A&M University by storm with her branding and marketing business, Glam Graphics.

Stephens transferred from Clark Atlanta University in the spring of 2022 to follow her goal of becoming a journalist. With her dreams at the forefront of her decision, Stephens has always enjoyed the artistic side of journalism.

During her middle years, Stephens started to play around with different graphic design platforms such as Canva, Photoshop and Illustrator.

It wasn’t until July 2020, just one month after Stephens graduated from high school, that she started to take what she saw as a hobby seriously. That same month, she created her branding and marketing business, Glam Graphics.

Stephens discussed what inspired her to create her business.

“I had a lot of free time during the pandemic, and I was inspired to create an Instagram to showcase my works,” Stephens said. “Everyone loved my page, and it blew up overnight.”

Image of social media content courtesy: Ja’Caiya Stephens

After obtaining several licenses and certifications in platforms such as Photoshop and Illustrator, she knew it was time to put her foot on the gas.

Stephens started creating logos for other businesses along with video edits for several YouTube channels. By creating one hair logo, Stephens’ clientele boosted from there.

As CEO of Glam Graphics, Stephens offers a variety of different services. From video editing, web designs, business cards, flyers and t-shirt customizations, Glam Graphics has you covered.

When it comes to business packages, Glam Graphics offers beginner entrepreneurial packages to start new business-owners on their way in starting a successful business. These packages include the basic essentials to start your business with logos, business cards, and a few flyers. In addition, Glam Graphics also offers a YouTube branding package for content creators. This package includes an intro and outro, and full layout for the YouTube channel.

Since enrolling at FAMU, Stephens’ business has continued to flourish.

Recently, Stephens created a coloring book named GlamN’Color Design Book. This book holds a special place in Stephens’ heart.

GlamN’Graphics Design Book. Courtesy: Ja’Caiya Stephens

“The design book is my second favorite project,” Stephens said. “This was the first project where I was able to do for myself instead of a client.”

Growing up, Stephens always loved children. With the presence of her grandmother, a former teacher for the Miami Dade County School District, Stephens wanted to be a teacher.

After years of consideration, Stephens decided to go into the field of journalism but she is still keeping her love for community and children alive. The coloring book includes Stephens’ story into creating her business as well as different educational subjects for children to learn about.

Glam Graphics helped the 1st Mr. Tallahassee Community College secure the crown through her outstanding graphics.

Adiyah Thomas, a close friend of Stephens, said she was proud of her during this project.

“With this being one of the first times in history this has happened for this college, knowing that Ja’Caiya played a hand in this decision really made me proud of her,” Thomas said. “Ja’Caiya is a perfectionist that takes her craft seriously. Anything produced by Ja’Caiya will always be top-tier.”

TJ Adams, a friend of Stephens since high school, has seen her progression as a graphic designer first hand.

“Ja’Caiya is very persistent and well motivated,” Adams said. “As the campaign manager of the current Mr. TCC, I saw her work hand-in-hand with him and how passionate she was about the project. Seeing Ja’Caiya now, she has really grown since we first met in highschool. I am so proud of her and I wish more people knew how much of an amazing person she is.”

As Stephens and Glam Graphics come off of the campaign season, the work doesn’t stop there. To stay up to date with more from  Glam Graphics and her projects, make sure to follow  on Instagram @byglamgraphics.