The Juice Bar Miami specializes in healthy options

Photo courtesy of The Juice Bar Miami’s Instagram Account

The start of a healthy diet can have its challenges, especially when you are craving something sweet. If you want a nutritional cure for your sweet tooth, The Juice Bar Miami is the perfect spot.

While The Juice Bar Miami started as just a 10-foot juice bar trailer, it has evolved, adding a new location in Railroad Square.

FAMU alumna and owner of The Juice Bar Miami, Tangela Lofton, said the inspiration behind the business included two things: her advocacy for health and wellness and her hometown, Miami.

“My inspiration for The Juice Bar Miami is to promote empowerment via health and wellness for everyone,” Lofton said. “I wanted to share my experience from Miami with the tropical and exotic fruits.”

While the menu items are intentional with ingredients, the location of The Juice Bar Miami is as well. Lofton said she based the location off the popular art district, Wyndwood, in Miami.

“I thought that the juice bar having its initial brick and mortar in Railroad Square in the art district would be very complementary,” Lofton said. “We’re in a great landmark, in the middle of both universities …the diversity, which is also important.”

According to The Juice Bar Miami’s website, its mission is to impact their community and environment positively.

“At The Juice Bar Miami, we believe that everyone deserves access to fresh, vibrant flavors and nourishing ingredients,” The Juice Bar Miami said. “Growing forward, we see our brand becoming synonymous with health, vitality and happiness as we continue to expand our offering with new products that highlight the benefits of a healthy, natural, and nutritious lifestyle. We’re committed to being mindful and present in every step of our journey as we strive to build a business that is sustainable, ethical, and socially responsible.”

Since its recent opening, The Juice Bar Miami has developed menu items that keep the customers coming back for more.

Mya Carson, a third-year criminal justice student at FAMU, said she tries to visit The Juice Bar Miami every first Friday or anytime the juice bar is at an event.

“I’m not that frequent of a customer,” Carson said. “But I’m likely going to become one because there’s so many different drinks to try.”

Carson is now curing her sweet tooth with one of their lemonades.

“The Strawberry Honey Lemonade is my favorite,” Carson said. “I love how it’s not overwhelmingly sweet.”

The Juice Bar Miami’s menu options include smoothies, sugar cane juices, boosters and more.

The Juice Bar Miami is located at 626-1B Railroad Square.