Study abroad a spring break alternative

The city of Dubai as the sun sets in the background. Photo courtesy: Pexels

The Office of International Education and Development announced last week that it would be offering students the chance to go on trips to Spain, France, and the United Arab Emirates for spring break.

Students can choose to go to Spain and France, led by Professors Johanna Ramos and Annie Voisin, or they can go to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, led by Professor Paul Collins.

Spring break for FAMU runs from March 11-15, 2024. Both trips will take place during the university’s spring break.

According to college consensus, students around the country mainly flock to the beach for spring break, particularly Miami and other spots in South Florida. The trip offers something different from what the typical college student envisions for spring break.

Students choosing to go to Spain and France can explore Paris’ Latin Quarter, see the Eiffel Tower and visit the Picasso Museum.

Ramos, who is spearheading the trip to Spain and France, says that the trip has already gained interest from many students.

“We have responded to 160 students,” Ramos said. “I am beyond excited to get this program going, and hopefully, it will be the first of many to come.”

Students interested in visiting Spain and France must complete a registration form with the Office of International Education and Development.

Students may pay a $95 deposit by Nov. 10. The trip will cost students $4,329.

The cost will cover travel, hotels and some group meals, according to the itinerary.

Both study abroad trips are programmed by EF Study Abroad.

Suppose students want to choose the United Arab Emirates. In that case, they can visit several renowned landmarks like the Burj Khalifa in Dubai and the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi and gain insights into the educational sector.

Collins, who is leading the trip, says it will have a meaningful impact on the students.

“Ultimately, this trip presents the opportunity to continue shaping participants into more compassionate, informed and culturally aware individuals, preparing them for success in our interconnected world,” Collins said.

There are no academic requirements for the trips. Students who enroll in the trips 94 days or fewer must pay the full payment and a non-refundable $150 late enrollment fee.

Students can email Ramos and Collins with any questions about the trips. Each trip must have at least 15 students in order for the trip to take place.