Athletics seeks halftime performers

Logo courtesy: FAMU athletics

Florida A&M University’s athletic department is gearing up for an electrifying basketball season for its men’s and women’s program.

As the teams prepare for action on the court, athletic department administrators are looking for talented performers to make their halftime shows unforgettable. They are also looking for individuals interested in singing the national anthem.

This open call for entertainers and singers is an opportunity for those with a passion for the performing arts and a chance to be part of the vibrant Rattler community.

In a recent email from FAMU athletics, the department expressed its desire to enhance the overall basketball game experience for fans, players and staff.

This initiative is part of their ongoing commitment to fostering a spirited and inclusive atmosphere at the Lawson Center, home to the Rattlers’ basketball teams.

FAMUINFO, the university’s official communication channel, detailed the athletic department’s search for halftime performers and other entertainers who can infuse energy and excitement into the games.

James Cooper, a FAMU student, said he hopes there is no repeat of last year with the boring halftime shows.

“I do not like how the stands were empty for our home games last year. We should be having some thrilling games showcasing singing skills or something this season during halftime,” Copper said.

FAMU athletics is not limiting its search to a particular genre of entertainment. They are open to various acts, including dance troupes, musical performances, and comedy routines.

Whether anyone is a solo artist or part of a group, your talents are welcome. This diverse approach aims to showcase the rich tapestry of talent within the FAMU community and beyond.

If anyone always dreamed of showcasing their talent on a big stage and entertaining a lively audience, this is your chance.

FAMU athletics says it is committed to providing a platform for emerging artists and seasoned entertainers. Performers of all ages, backgrounds, and styles are encouraged to apply.

Sydney Millers, a Tallahassee resident, said this is an excellent opportunity for on-campus talent to put a foot in the door and open up to new things.

“I feel like this halftime talent show will be open to different clubs and organizations on campus to show their skills and freelance. You never know this may be a career field job for someone,” Millers said.

FAMU athletics’ decision to reach out to the community for halftime performers and anthem singers reflects their commitment to building stronger connections with their fans and supporters.

The involvement of local talent adds a unique, personal touch to the games and fosters a sense of belonging among the fans. It is an excellent opportunity for performers to contribute to the university’s vibrant culture and create lasting memories for all in attendance.

If you are interested in becoming a halftime performer or singing the national anthem at basketball games, here is how you can get involved:

Visit the official FAMU athletics website for more information on the application process. Submit a brief description of your act or a video audition showcasing your talents. If you want to sing the national anthem, provide an audio or video recording of your rendition.

You can also email for more info regarding FAMU applications.