SBI student takes top honors in HBCU competition

Jaeden Patterson & Mike Bloomberg courtesy of Jaeden Patterson Linkedin

The world of finance is a fast-moving and competitive arena where standing out from other players requires a unique combination of strategy, dedication and a deep understanding of the markets. Florida A&M University transfer student Jaeden Patterson, a fourth-year business administration major, recently demonstrated all of these qualities, emerging in first-place in the Bloomberg HBCU Environmental, Social, Governance Trading challenge.

The challenge is a virtual investment competition that takes place 100% through the Bloomberg Terminal. The challenge allows young exceptional talent to show and test their skills and knowledge of finance, which has captured the attention of aspiring HBCU-bred financiers across the nation. Students from Historically Black Universities and Colleges such as Clark Atlanta University, Hampton University, Howard University, and Morgan State University were among the institutions that participated in the challenge.

Patterson’s journey to the top all started with a spark of interest, and the world of finance and trading ignited his flame. His interest began after transferring to FAMU from Florida International University, where he was more focused on his football pursuits.

“My interest came about a year ago when I was watching educational YouTube courses on long-term investing in the stock market,” Patterson said. “Following that summer, I decided to pursue more educational outlets and courses on YouTube and in SBI. I have also participated in a stock pitch competition for Wellington Management and won second place.”

This small curiosity led him to gain more knowledge on the intricate dynamics of trading by studying markets, learning from YouTube videos, and pursuing a summer internship in sales and analytics at Bloomberg, which set the foundation for his future success. What motivated Patterson to participate was his desire to draw attention to students’ interest in Bloomberg, finance and trading, as well as a finance club he is looking to start in the near future.

The Bloomberg and HBCU ESG Trading Challenge is not your typical trading competition and it’s not for the weak. Participants are tasked with navigating the complexities of ESG factors in their investment decisions. ESG criteria consider a company’s environmental impact, social responsibility and corporate governance when evaluating its worthiness as an investment. The challenge requires hours of preparation, research, use of analytical skills and development of ESG-focused strategies.

Patterson exhibited eager determination and an exceptional ability to assess companies that were financially sound and aligned with ESG principles. This approach set him apart from the competition and ultimately led him to victory.

“I was in the Bloomberg Terminal lab every day,” he said. “You want to be aware of the position you’re currently in. The biggest challenge was the psychology aspect, towards the end, me and a candidate from Clark Atlanta were neck and neck, so the psychological pressure of staring at the computer screen, watching your position constantly was a challenge.”

Winning the Bloomberg and HBCU ESG Trading Challenge is more than just an accolade; it’s a stepping stone to a promising future for Patterson — and is just the start of what he plans to accomplish. He not only aims to leverage this success to create a name for himself in the industry, but to also create positive change in finance. Patterson wants his success to be an inspiration for other HBCU scholars and adults to pursue their interests in finance and trading. His remarkable achievement emphasizes the importance of diversity and inclusion in the finance industry and serves as a beacon of hope and motivation for others to follow in their footsteps.

With a bright future ahead, Patterson is bound to make a lasting impact on the world of finance, but first he plans on starting with where it all started — FAMU. His next goal is to establish a Student Managed Investment Fund club at FAMU. This club aims to educate and support future investors by providing them with a platform to gain real-world investment experience and develop the skills necessary for success in the financial world, while providing the tools and resources to do so. This initiative is not only a testament to the student’s dedication to their alma mater but also a commitment to fostering the next generation of underrepresented financial leaders.

Stay on the lookout for upcoming details on the SMIF club coming next semester via FAMU IStrike or