Career fair targets healthcare professions

Photo courtesy: Adobe Stock

Another career fair was underway on Monday on the campus of Florida A&M University, this time for all the students aiming to change people’s lives in the field of healthcare.

The all-day event ran from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the university’s Grand Ballroom.

Countless students in allied health sciences and nursing took part in the 2023 Health Professions Career Fair. The Career and Professional Development Center hosted the event in partnership with the School of Allied Health Sciences and the School of Nursing. Whether a nursing student, pre-physical therapy, pre-med, or healthcare administration, there was something for everyone.

Mia Zeigler, FAMU employer relations coordinator, explained the goals of the career fair and its offering outcome to students on campus.

“This is to align students interested in pursuing positions in healthcare with employers in the industry. There is a good mix of schools and companies here, about eight medical schools followed by 12 companies such as hospitals and physical therapy students,” Zeigler said. “It’s been a great day. We’ve had a steady stream of students coming in and had about 400 students register.”

At the event, students had the opportunity to meet with industry recruiters seeking high-achieving students for both internships and full-time roles. A total of 20 companies and schools were in attendance, including HCA Healthcare, Centurion, American Canadian School of Medicine, and more.

Students in attendance explored various job opportunities, networked with professionals, and gained valuable insight by going through the 20 booths. Each booth was filled with information pamphlets showcasing what each recruiter or school had to offer. Representatives were there to guide students and answer questions.

For third-year health science major Lynnada Vailey, the health professions career fair provided her with valuable knowledge she plans to take with her as she prepares to continue her education.

“Personally, I think the career fair went great; it gave me a great insight into things I need to look at in the future when I graduate as far as requirements and MCAT scores. Some schools even waive MCAT scores, and you can still apply; I learned a lot,” Vailey said. “Some schools there even had opportunities for jobs and summer opportunities.”

The event sparked a new interest in Vailey continuing her education internationally and provided her options to stay close to home.

“I looked mostly at medical schools; I found some different medical schools in the Caribbean and some near home,” Vailey said. “I wasn’t expecting Caribbean schools to be there too, but I would love to attend medical school in the Caribbean. Some schools there offered joint programs, which I thought were cool. I want to keep my options open.”

Just like the students and staff, employers were excited to share their companies with the students at FAMU.

Nikki Tridley, associate recruiter for HCA Healthcare, says she was eager to meet with FAMU students.

“This has been great. There has been a good flow of students who have all been engaged and eager to start their careers in healthcare. Whether it be on the clinical side or more business management side, I am here to help students get entry-level roles and all the hours they need to continue their careers. I also point them in the right direction to connect with people to shadow,” Tridley said.

The annual event allows students of all levels to connect with industry professionals and dive into options to gain hands-on experience.