Out with the old and in with the new with ReNew Tallahassee

Renamed student-living complex changed to ReNew Tallahassee. Photo courtesy: ReNew Tallahassee Facebook

Seminole Grand, a popular housing option for students in Tallahassee, recently rebranded, changing their name to ReNew in October. The apartment complex, providing more than 1,500 beds, announced the new change on Instagram.

Multi-Housing News reported over the summer that The Collier Cos. sold Seminole Grand to FPA Multifamily for $68 million.

ReNew Tallahassee could not be reached for comment regarding the name change.

Still, fourth-year elementary education student Donea Sykes does not believe the name change is significant.

“The apartment complex has not changed much except for the name,” Sykes stated. “They still employed the same workers as the previous owners. As most property managers do, they remodel the appearance of the complex, such as repainting buildings and adding bike racks.

Sykes, however, noted the discrepancies between the outside appearance of the apartments as opposed to the inside.

“Although the exterior of the buildings has changed, the interior of the units is still in poor shape,” Sykes explained.

Sykes said the change in management will not affect her decision to renew her lease in the future.

Khaliah Haynes, a second-year history major who has stayed at the complex for the past year, said the new management didn’t phase her.

“I did think the name change was odd, though,” she admitted. “I don’t think I’ll ever assimilate to it.

Hayes admitted, however, that she has found the new management to be different than past management.

“The leasing office seems more active with engaging with us than before,” Hayes explained. “So I can say that has improved. Maintenance has somewhat improved, too. I had an issue with my old dryer, and they got it removed, but I know a friend in another unit far in the back also sent a request in around the same time as me and was left waiting for longer than anticipated.”

Hayes is still deciding whether or not she wants to move from the complex, but not because of the management.

“I’ve been thinking of moving, but other factors have been weighing on me while considering another apartment,” Hayes said. “Simply because of the time I’ve been here and the need for a new look rather than just leaving because of the management change.”

A new resident of ReNew, Kaylah Nix, enrolled at FAMU for the spring, has seen a lot of progress since moving into her apartment.

“So far, it seems as though the new management cares for its residents more than the old one,” Nix said. “At first, I was scared about moving into what’s now ReNew because my friends that had stayed here when it was originally named Seminole Grand didn’t have the best reviews about living here.”

Nix, however, did not have many options.

“I didn’t have any other choices when it came to living off campus,” Nix said.

Nix did praise the complex for its increased emphasis on safety.

“Another thing that I’ve noticed is that the complex has begun taking more security measures to ensure the safety of all residents,” Nix said. “That calmed my nerves a little because you never know what could happen around here.”

Regardless of who runs the complex, the ReNew apartment complex will continue to be a home away from home for many young adults as they navigate college and beyond.