Nightclubs say safety is top priority

Photo courtesy: WFTV

Nightlife in college towns often involves attending club and house party events, creating memorable experiences for students. While the focus is on fun, questions arise regarding security checks and their potential correlation with shooting incidents in Tallahassee.

Roxanne James, a second-year business administration student at FAMU, says security checks are lax at best.

“At most parties, if I don’t have a purse, I’m not checked, and if I do, they just glance inside,” James said.

James also raises an interesting point regarding how the consistency of security checks throughout an event can impact the effectiveness of safety measures.

“Sometimes the later it gets, the more security slacks, which results in unchecked people slipping in toward the end,” James said.

Her observations about the diligence of security staff align with concerns about potential lapses as the night progresses.

Jared Jackson, a transfer student at FAMU majoring in business administration, is also a private contracted security guard. He says it’s crucial to be on high alert when securing various on- and off-campus events. His insights shed light on the security measures in place.

“Every party is different; my job is to make sure no one uses the exit as an entrance, not necessarily to check IDs,” Jackson said.

Jackson highlighted the challenges of maintaining order, especially when partygoers are intoxicated.

“When people are under the influence, their judgment can be skewed. Our main objective is to make sure everyone’s having fun and that they make good decisions at the end of the night,” Jackson said.

Felicia Leamard, a fourth-year interdisciplinary studies student and security guard at Bajas Nightclub on West Pensacola Street, says protocols are in place to ensure the safety of one and all.

“At the entrance of the club, there are security guards that check IDs as well as pat down people and give wristbands to signify if someone is over or under 21,” Leamard said.

She mentioned accessible emergency exits that can be used by law enforcement and medics, ensuring quick responses to any emergencies. These safety measures are vital to maintaining a secure club environment.

The balance between ensuring safety and providing a good time is a delicate one. Jackson said that restricting bags for males is a common way to mitigate potential threats.

Christian Aristilde, a criminal justice student at FAMU and president of Winner’s Circle Entertainment, a prominent promotion team in the Tallahassee area, emphasizes the team’s commitment to safety.

“Here at Winners Circle, the safety of our attendees is our top priority. We work closely with the venue to ensure proper crowd management and emergency protocols. Our goal is to create a fun and secure experience for everyone.”

Aristilde’s words reflect the responsibility party organizers share in maintaining a safe environment. Cooperation between security personnel and event promoters is crucial to the relationship between enjoyment and safety.

Ensuring safety at college parties involves a complex interplay of security measures, attendee responsibility, and event organizers’ commitment to creating a secure environment. While striking the right balance remains a challenge, the collaboration of security personnel, event promoters and partygoers is essential to enhancing the safety of nightlife experiences in Tallahassee.