Student provides fades — for free

Photo courtesy: @Christhekidcuts Instagram

Florida A&M University’s Instagram page posted a video of a student barber giving another student a free haircut.

Christian Lawrence, who is a licensed barber, took on the idea to make a student’s day by giving him a free haircut at the set. This service that Lawrence has brought to campus is an idea no one has seen before at Florida A&M. Lawrence says this idea was a cool way of him doing someone a good deed.

“Growing up I learned to never think you’re above anyone else,” Lawrence said. “God gave me the gift of knowing how to cut hair and be a positive influence to others, so it’s only right to bless and serve others when I’m able to.”

Lawrence has been thriving in the Tallahassee area with social media content on his Instagram page, Christhekidcuts. He has numerous videos where he has customers in the chair and having them answer questions in a podcast style. Lawrence wanted to branch out with content and begin to add even more to his portfolio. He was inspired to cut hair on campus by another barber who he watches on Youtube.

“VicBlends, a popular barber and content creator gave me the idea, and I realized that no one did this video at the schools in Tallahassee,” Lawrence said. “I thought why not be the one to represent my college area.”

One of the customers Lawrence met doing this is Florida A&M baseball player True Fontenot. Fontenot says the free haircut on campus was an amazing experience, one he hasn’t been a part of before.

“I thought it was amazing to see Chris giving back to the community and connecting with students on campus when he offered a cut and did it at the set,” Fontenot said. “Being asked to sit down and discuss life, goals, and dreams while getting a fresh fade was a memorable moment for me.”

Lawrence has also cut hair on Florida State University’s campus to shed the light on giving back. Florida State student Adrian Fribley had the honor to be featured in one of Lawrence’s videos this past week. Fribley says this experience was fantastic and he absolutely loved how his haircut turned out.

“I was pleasantly surprised by how friendly Chris was and the amazing conversation we had during the haircut,” Fribley said. “Getting a haircut on Florida State campus was a unique and cool experience and Chris made the whole experience even more memorable with his skills.”

Lawrence began to take barbering seriously to a whole different level during the pandemic. He would cut his brother’s hair and post them on his haircuts page for content. He said his cousin who is also a barber inspired him to begin cutting hair.

“I’ve always been around barbering,” Lawrence said. “She taught me that you can be your own boss and do what you love at the same time.”

One question Lawrence asks customers in his videos is, “What’s something you live by?” Lawrence says a quote he lives by is, “Be phenomenal or be forgotten.” He lives by this because wherever and whenever he goes somewhere, he wants people to remember meeting him and how much of an impact he made on their lives.