Housing Step Show kicks off Homecoming

Photo courtesy: famu.edu

Homecoming is less than one week away, and there is no better word to describe the energy on campus than “excitement.”

The flags have begun their duty as an intro to the thrilling week ahead. The party promoters have begun their extensive promotion process, also known as leaving tiny flyers on your car door. The wind has gotten a little more chilly and the students have begun putting their homecoming outfits together.

Homecoming is one of the best things about college. Everyone has the same feeling every year, wondering how great this homecoming could be or will be better than last year’s? However, there is nothing like a FAMU homecoming, where everyone is asking … Will the band play a different tune this year? More importantly … when is the Housing Step Show?

The annual Housing Step Show is one of the most anticipated events during Homecoming. The different teams started practicing in September. The homecoming step show is a time-honored tradition at many colleges across the country, including at FAMU.

Morgan Hutchinson, a fourth-year social work major and step coach, or Senais remembers her experience.

“The Housing Step Show is always super fun as a stepper, nonetheless I think it’s even more fun and rewarding as a Senais (coach). It brings out your assertiveness and creativness, by teaching amateur students and just non-steppers in general, however it can be very stressful. ….The student body should expect us to eat,” she said. “You guys should expect all the hard work, and everything that has gone on for the past month to sprout to life.”

As the homecoming days arrive, students have begun to voice their excitement about what is coming next Monday.

Wasaun Augustine, a fourth-year criminal justice major whose final days on the hill are approaching, expressed how he is feeling.

“I’m excited. I’m kind of still deciding if I’m going. Last year was lit though, it was great. I’m sure this year will be the same,” he said.

Step shows typically feature two or more teams of dancers who compete against each other in a series of routines. The routines may include a variety of steps, such as the two-step, and various other dances.

Teams often wear elaborate costumes and makeup, and they may also incorporate props into their routines.

Keandra Raggs, a fourth-year transfer student is looking forward to the creative routines.

“I’ve been going ever since I transferred in. I love the anticipation of seeing what each dorm has come up with and I can’t wait to see who wins this year.

In addition to being a fun and competitive event, step shows are also a way for students to come together and show their school spirit,” she said.

Tickets have dropped on Eventbrite as well as the famuhomecoming site. Be sure to get yours before they run out.

If you have the opportunity to attend a homecoming step show, be sure to check it out. It is a great way to see some amazing dancing, learn about different cultures and have a lot of fun.