New Amazon fulfillment center employs more than 1,000

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Amazon operates numerous fulfillment centers across the United States and around the world to efficiently manage and ship products to customers. These centers are an essential part of Amazon’s logistics and distribution network.

Amazon fulfillment centers are typically large warehouses where products are stored, picked, packed and shipped to customers. These centers are strategically located in various regions to facilitate quick and efficient delivery.

Tallahassee is home to one of the newest Amazon fulfillment centers, which had its grand opening Sept. 14.

After missing its target opening before the holiday season last year, the facility started with a soft opening in July and is now in full operation mode. The grand opening gave local officials the first opportunity to see inside the giant building that can be seen for miles off Interstate 10.

Located off Mahan and Vineland drives, the $200 million facility is slated to have a total economic impact of more than $451 million, according to the Tallahassee-Leon County Office of Economic Vitality.

Amazon spokesman, Owen Torres said, “All I’m gonna say is Leon County has been really great to work with both on the economic partner side and then also just from a workplace perspective. People have been really receptive to Amazon coming in.”

Cheerleaders from Florida A&M and Florida State universities attended the grand opening and brought in some energy. Members of Tallahassee Community College’s basketball team were also on hand.

According to a job hiring informational in July, the starting salary for most positions is coming in at $15 an hour. The company was expected to fill more than 1,000 positions.

Hiring events to fill hundreds of positions were held in June and July.

In an attempt to lure Amazon to Tallahassee, the Tallahassee City Commission approved lucrative incentives for the retail giant, although Commissioner Jack Porter voted against the incentives.

She also did not attend the grand opening because her concerns have not changed.

The new fulfillment center in Tallahassee is home to hundreds of roaming robots, or “drivers,” all programmed to do specific tasks. Just beyond the ultra-tight security checkpoint that mirrors an airport TSA, two capri blue shell robots don’t look like the others.

There are permanent markers tagged with the names of the robots. The robot shells will soon hang on display for all to see.

By the time of the grand opening, more than 1,000 employees had been hired to be part of the first workforce wave at the much-anticipated facility.