Student artists come together

“Love Like This” cover art featuring Bronson “Israel Jones” and Giahni Bosquet. Photo courtesy: Derrick Taylor

Florida A&M University is known for bringing creative minds together. Bronson “Israel” Jones and Giahni Bosquet are two emerging artists who live up to this testament.

Jones is a senior English major from Gainesville and Bosquet is a Fall 2022 philosophy and fine arts graduate from Miami.

Jones and Bosquet met at an album release party. They later built a strong friendship as members of Voices poetry group.

“We’ve grown from more than creatives, but family,” Jones said.

Jones and Bosquet are continuing to build momentum for their upcoming album, “The Sun Shines On Us All.” Earlier this month, they released a single from the album titled, “Love Like This.”

The single details a journey of love and prosperity rooted in music. Within it, the artists share introspective perspectives on their ability to input the harsh realities of life within their lyrics.

Reflection, self-expression and perspective are daily practices for Jones as an English major. Such concepts are demonstrated within his artistry as a writer and performer.

Jones’s career was inspired by his father’s love for rap music. His journey toward self-identity has allowed him to further define what started at the age of 9. Jones now pulls his inspiration from his knowledge, life experiences and surrounding environment.

“To master your craft you have to take a couple of lumps to truly ascend. I don’t feel like my rapping was all the way on point until this year. I’ve been rapping since I was 9, so it took practically a decade for me to feel like I was the truth in all aspects.” he said.

“Love Like This” is an expression of Jones’ love and appreciation for music.

“It should remind you of the thing you’re most in love with. For me it’s music. For you, it might be a significant other or a hobby nobody but you knows about. When you play ‘Love Like This,’ you should go do what you love,” said Jones.

Bosquet’s time studying philosophy and fine arts took him through the loops of creative thinking, aesthetics and innovation. He is very transparent about the impact FAMU has had on his career.

What once served as a diversion ironically became a prominent source of inspiration for Bosquet.

“[School] can get in the way of productivity as much as it inspires it. Sometimes it occupied so much of my time and brain power that I couldn’t really create. In that same breath, sometimes experiences at school, subjects we touch, and conversations can birth the brightest ideas. It’s a balance between the two,” he said.

The idea for “Love Like This”  was produced by Bosquet.

“I had made the beat and kept it playing as we wrote our verses … it was done before we began,” Bosquet said.

Jones and Bosquet were adamant that they did not do this alone, however.

Derrick Taylor is a senior public relations student from Atlanta whose love for music and the surrounding culture inspired him to pursue creative direction.

Taylor is the visionary behind many of Jones and Bosquet’s visual projects, including “Love Like This.” He attributes much of his inspiration to early fashion photography, 80s abstract art and the bling era of hip hop.

“I was brought on to elevate their vision for the project and they have trusted me so much throughout the process. These guys put pen to paper and expressed their love for music in one of the most creative ways I’ve ever heard. This feels like a love letter to the culture that has molded us into the people we are today,” Taylor said.

Jones, Bosquet and Taylor have become a dynamic trio. From on-campus organizations to off-campus engagements, FAMU continues to be a pillar in cultivating creative excellence.

“We’re climbing mountains together in the most honorable ways,” Bosquet said.

“Love Like This” is only a small segment of a larger story detailing a journey of love, learning and healing. Jones and Bosquet’s upcoming project, “The Sun Shines On Us All,” is set to release at midnight Oct. 26.