South Florida a pipeline for FAMU’s students

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Florida A&M University students are proudly representing their hometowns as word circulates about the top three counties for producing Rattlers on the hill.

A survey was created and sent to the student body to collect their responses, thus sparking a buzz around campus.

The Division of Student Affairs in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions collects demographic information about students upon enrollment and compiles them into different categories. These categories provide university officials with an accurate and scientific percentage of the student body and their allocations.

Hugh Durham, director of Admission and Enrollment Management, said that the top three counties that FAMU students are from are Broward, Miami-Dade and Duval. He also said that the top three states for out-of-state students are Georgia, Illinois and Michigan.

“Our data set isn’t broken down into cities, but more so counties, so our top three counties are Broward, Miami-Dade and Duval,” Durham said in an email interview with The Famuan. “Our top three states are also Georgia, Illinois and Michigan.”

US News & World Report recently reported their statistics on FAMU student demographics as well to share insight with both current and incoming students. Though not as in-depth as the information the school provides, the publication’s data were still useful and accurate to those searching for quick answers.

With many other sites reporting their own information, those provided by the university come straight from the source. Not only that, but the Office of Undergraduate Admissions also updates its database every semester to uphold its accuracy.

The survey that was conducted collected a response total of 100, which is a little more than 1% of the student population. Of those responses, 84% were from Miami.

Kaiyana Jackson, a second-year pre-nursing student, said that she believes the majority of FAMU students are from Florida since that is all she encounters on campus. Jackson also said that she would like to see more students from the Midwest and the Tri-State area.

“If I had to guess where everybody mostly comes from, Florida would be the obvious answer because most of the people I met are in-state students,” Jackson said. “I hope to see more people come from the Tri-State area or the Midwest.”

As the semester trudges on, FAMU has approximately 10,000 enrolled students for Fall 2023.  The Spring 2024 enrollment deadline is Nov. 11.