The Quad goes pink for a cause

Photo Courtesy: Tamerah Williams Instagram @meraabrii

When service and passion intertwine, you can expect to find Tamerah Williams leading the charge.

Williams, who also serves as Florida A& M’s Miss Junior for the 2023-2024 academic year, hosted a Breast Cancer Awareness Month event Monday named Paint the Quad Pink. This event was designed to bring awareness to those who have been impacted by the vicious disease.

Williams, spoke about the success of her first individual event as Miss Junior. “I wanted to put on my first event in the month of October to bring awareness to breast cancer and to also bring the student body together,” Williams said. “I have close family members that have been impacted by this disease, so helping to spread awareness hits close to home.”

Williams is known for her active involvement not only academically, but within the Tallahassee community and her hometown of West Palm Beach. As a future educator, Williams founded Teach Beyond Wonders, an organization that connects with students, works with them, and gives back. Williams is also a member of multiple organizations targeted to community service and involvement.

Williams’ track record shows that she is indeed a service-oriented student. Tiaura Robinson, a fourth year social work student who also serves as Miss 2007 for Jewels, attended the Paint the Quad Pink event. Robinson was impressed by Williams’ work.

Tamerah Williams with the Upsilon Psi Royal Court. Photo courtesy: Skylar Rowley

“Tamerah did a great job creating this event,” Robinson said. “I enjoyed meeting new people and seeing everyone spread awareness for a great cause.” Robinson plans to use her platform as Miss 2007 to educate students on the importance of breast cancer.

“During this month, I want to learn more about how this disease impacts different women in the community and teach young girls how to self-examine themselves. I believe that girls should be taught early in order to catch it early,” she said. Devin Nobles, the 24th Mister FAMU, shared his emotional story on how breast cancer has impacted him.

“In the summer of 2022, I lost my favorite elementary school teacher Ms. Shannon,” Nobles said. “Ms. Shannon and I kept in contact over all of those years, so losing her
really shattered my heart.”

Nobles said he was proud of his court sister. “Tamerah really did her thing with this event,” Nobles said. “Just seeing everyone come out in their pink today really made me smile. It was such good spirits and energy today.”