Freshman senators sworn in

Caption: Newly elected senators pose for a photo with Senate Pres. Loryn May.
Courtesy: Kandon Fears

Nine senators were graciously welcomed into the 53rd Senate by way of Florida A&M tradition on Monday.

Freshmen Kennedy Williams, Khari Jackson, Treyvious Copeland, Tamya Braclet, Connor Cooper, Jonathan McClover, Nissa Phillip, Da’Jon Newhouse and graduate student Justin Brown were confirmed by senior members of the Senate during the pinning ceremony.

Eager to put the campaign season behind them, the senators expressed they were ready to work. 

Sen. Kennedy Williams affirmed she will “put in the work to ensure that the class of ‘27 has a lasting impact on FAMU”. An important point on her agenda is advocating for assault and harassment victims. It is her goal to ensure the safety of everyone on campus. 

The road to becoming elected to FAMU’s esteemed Senate is a journey of trials and tribulations. Sen. Gucciany Toussaint, a sophomore, knows this as well as anyone, having been elected last year. Sen. Jackson, Toussaint’s mentee, earned the second freshman Senate seat. 

Toussint expressed he experienced a “burst of excitement” after witnessing Jackson become his colleague. Sen. Jackson aims to write legislation that is “near and dear” to his heart while continuing to make his mentor and the student body proud.

New members of the Senate voted on their first piece of legislation. 

The bill, titled Homecoming Survey, aims to give students more input on decisions made surrounding annual homecoming events. Chairman Kole Fortson, Chairwoman Jasmine Daniels, and Chairman Jaylin Hankerson-Strappy, authors of the bill, explained students would have the opportunity to complete a survey created by Vice President Jeffrey Francis. 

Students would also be able to suggest ideas, recommend events, and submit concert proposals centered around Homecoming. The bill was unanimously approved, with a crescendoing applause occurring afterwards.

In closing remarks, upperclassman senators congratulated their newly elected colleagues and urged them to stay focused on the task at hand. Chairman Hankerson-Strappy stressed to the young senators that the Senate is not a “fake government” and the decisions they make will have consequential effects on the school’s well-being for years to come.