Ash begins reign as Miss Freshman

Photo of Brandi Ash courtesy Ash

At Florida A&M University, atop the highest of seven hills, a bright new leader is ready to represent FAMU’s Class of 2027 for the academic year 2023-2024. Brandi Ash, a first-year biology pre-medicine student from Houston, is the embodiment of youthful enthusiasm, purpose and a commitment to positive change at FAMU.

“I remember when I came here last year for parents’ weekend and we played Southern, I saw the Royal Court … I was like I want to do that, and I’m so glad that I was able to fulfill my dream,” she said.

Her journey from being inspired by the Royal Court to becoming FAMU’s Miss Freshman attendant serves as a testament to her determination and drive.

Ash stands as a symbol of hope and ambition for first-generation college students.

Her rise to Miss Freshman signifies that dreams can become reality with dedication and perseverance.

Michaela Abernathy, a first-year biology pre-medicine student from Indianapolis, believes Ash will serve as “a good leader for many reasons but most of all her compassion and welcoming personality.”

“One of the big things that I’ve always talked about is mental health. I know that there’s a stigma around it, and I want to decrease the stigma and get more people talking about it,” Ash said.

She said she is on a mission to promote Black mental health awareness at FAMU.

“Being so relatable and helpful, along with her readiness to jump whenever she sees something that needs to be taken care of, I truly feel she will help grow FAMU in more ways than one.” Abernathy said.

“Miss Freshman is just the beginning of Brandi’s journey, and I can’t wait to see what’s next for her at FAMU,” Abernathy added.

As Miss Freshman, Ash has a sharp vision to enhance FAMU’s “FAMUly.” She plans to organize self-care events and journaling workshops, fostering unity and a sense of community among the newest generation of Rattlers. Her approach reflects her belief that positive change begins with fostering well-being.

Tatiana Bell, FAMU’s previous Miss Freshman attendant for the academic year 2022-2023, shared that from the moment she met Ash while interning at a FAMU alumni event in Houston, “It was evident that she possessed the charisma, intelligence, and compassion that make an incredible leader. Her dedication to her studies, her involvement in high school, and her commitment to uplifting her peers are genuinely inspiring.

“I believe that Brandi is going to be a great Miss Freshman. She has an unwavering passion for FAMU and its community, and I do not doubt that she will use her platform to advocate for positive change. Her energy and enthusiasm are infectious, and I hope she continues to foster unity and empowerment among her fellow Rattlers,” Bell added.

With words of gratitude, Ash said, “I just want to give a big thank you to everyone that supported me throughout my campaign, everyone who believed in me. I am so thankful that I can represent Florida A&M as Miss Freshman.”

With Brandi Ash at the helm as Miss Freshman, FAMU’s Class of 2027 can anticipate a year filled with inspiration, unity and a strong focus on mental health awareness. Her dedication to enhancing the sense of community at FAMU is sure to leave an indelible mark, reminding everyone that positive change begins with passionate leaders like Ash.