Closing out the college chapter

FAMU Alumna on graduation day photo courtesy: @famusjgc82 on Instagram

For most college seniors, graduating marks a significant milestone in their lives. Hearing their name called during commencement may be an exciting but bittersweet transition into the real world. Seniors often take their time to slowly reflect on their college experience and all that they have learned in the past four years. For some, it may feel unreal, while others feel relief. Either way, graduation brings about a mix of emotions for each student.

Graduation symbolizes the end of one chapter and the start of a new one. Many look forward to applying what they have learned in college to the workforce or to further their education.

Darry Bennett, a Florida A&M alumnus, advises students to learn as much as possible, especially seniors.

“My best advice to my fellow Rattlers is to soak in as much knowledge as possible from everyone,” Bennett said. “I say this because the real world will not teach you anything the school cannot.”

Bennett encourages students to find a balance that helps them remain focused.

“Of course, have fun, but not too much fun as graduation day approaches,” Bennett said. “Many people tend to lose focus, but keep an eye on the main goal, success.”

Students have spent years building their academic and personal foundation during their undergraduate experience. Seniors must prepare themselves to face the future with optimism when it is time to close this chapter of their lives.

Graduating senior Imani Perkins shares her thoughts about leaving college behind.

“I am nervous because I spent years here at FAMU,” Perkins said. “It is scary now that it is time to say goodbye. I know that FAMU has prepared me for the real world after graduation, but it is still difficult to process.”

Perkins appreciates all the university has provided her with but knows this will be a bittersweet transition.

“I have learned a lot from this university and am a proud Rattler,” Perkins said. “I will take what I have learned into the workforce, but it will be very hard to say goodbye to my FAMULY.”

Life after undergrad brings about different emotions for each student. Some individuals are sad to go, while others are hopeful for what’s to come.

Chelsea Morgan, a graduating senior, gives her thoughts on closing her college chapter.

“I have cherished my college years, but now I am mentally prepared to leave and move on,” Morgan said. “Leaving college is something I did not expect to come so fast, but I am ready. This is a start to a new beginning for me,” she added.

Graduating college and closing this chapter of life is a profound moment for all students with many emotions. While they may encounter challenges, life after the undergraduate experience is an excellent opportunity to impact the world positively.