Review: Burger Barn and Grill a hit

Photo courtesy: Tylar Watson

Burger Barn and Grill made its local debut in late June in Miracle Plaza, the Thomasville Road shopping mall that is also home to Whole Foods.

On Saturday evening, I arrived. You place your order at the counter, and the meal is delivered to your table in this fast-casual setting.

The place wasn’t crowded, and I was greeted promptly. The employees were nice and friendly. They walked around to make sure everything was OK.

The interior of the restaurant has been changed from the Burger Fi location. With modest country decor and wooden booths and tables, the theme is modern farmhouse.

Seven unique burger combos are available at Burger Barn and Grill. Additionally, they feature cheeseburgers and you can create your own burgers. You may tailor it to your tastes by picking from a variety of toppings.

Additionally, they have milkshakes, chicken sandwiches, wings, a few salads and kids’ meals.

Onion rings, fries, sweet potato fries, and mac & cheese are all available as sides. There is a beverage self-service station.

In comparison to your normal burger joint, the fries are flawlessly crispy, the burger buns are soft and the fascinating specialty burgers provide you with a ton of alternatives. Mac and cheese, pineapple, fried eggs and other toppings are available here.

A specialty burger and fries will cost you between $13 and $15, which, in my opinion, represents a fair value given the size of the burgers and the quantity of fries. They also sell beer and wings.

The burger patties, which I considered to be more on the dry side, were a minor issue. They were rather plain. I strongly advise against ordering your burger plain because that was completely hidden by the mouthwatering sauces and toppings. Even though they were nice, the sweet potatoes lacked flavor and could have used some spice or sauce.

I was brave enough to try one of the specialty burgers, the “Hawaiian Burger” which includes bacon, Swiss cheese, grilled pineapple, lettuce, tomato, and honey siracha mayo sauce. The burger was tasty and it was my first time eating a burger with pineapple, and it did not disappoint. The burger was $10, which is pricy, but it was worth it.

I highly recommend this restaurant for anyone with a burger craving. When I return, I’ll be first in line to have the Hawaiian burger and cookies ’n cream milkshake.