Local entrepreneur brings Brinxx Styles to life

Photo courtesy: Kamari Enzor and BrinxxStyles Instagram

Starting his clothing business just three years ago, Kamari Enzor has seen success with his brand Brinxx Styles. Enzor is an entrepreneur from Tallahassee, and he says fashion has inspired him since the age of 6.

Fashion has played a huge part in his life and he has always wanted his own business. A quote he fixated on when he was younger is, “I’m going to have my own business one day and nothing can stop me.”

From that point on it has been his dream and a growing experience.

“My rise in the fashion industry has always been on my terms with limitless opportunities,” Enzor said. “My company has expanded from me sewing my own outfits pulled from my sketches by hand to a manufacturer producing my items on a more grand scale.”

Brinxx Styles has a variety of items and accessories to choose from. He has a unisex clothing line, cotton skull hoodies detailed with mini diamond skulls strategically embedded all over the hoodie, varied hat styles, and handbag pieces with the diamond brand skull logo displayed on each accessory.

“My brand logo, the skull, symbolizes the rebirth of my ascension into the fashion industry from a simple drawing board creation,” Enzor said.

One of Enzor’s closest friends, Sameerah Borth, has seen him grow his business tremendously since it began in 2020. She is happy that she got to see him grow as an entrepreneur and as a person.

“Not only have I watched him from the beginning when Brinxx Styles was just an idea, but I’ve watched him bring his ideas to life in a way I’ve always known he would,” Borth said. “Kamari has always found a way to amaze me and I’m proud to be a friend and a customer.”

Enzor does a lot of exclusive apparel drops with limited amounts. A valued customer, Alvin Bryant, likes the feeling of buying clothing that’s original and not something everyone can get their hands on.

“I like Brinxx because of the consistent clothing releases and the different styles he brings to the brand,” Bryant said. “I also love the exclusive side of it because the owner only drops limited amounts of each product.”

Enzor says he is working on his next clothing line drop and it is scheduled to release around FAMU’s homecoming. You can go to his Instagram page at brinxxstyles to keep up with his past and future clothing releases.

“I find myself elevating with each new inspired clothing idea,” Enzor said. “Even though I am on the path of success financially, I’m living out my dream and loving every minute of it.”

While Brinxx Styles is located in Tallahassee, you can find all of his different styles online at Brinxx.myshopify.com.