I need money for graduation

Graduation can be expensive. Photo courtesy: Pinterest

As seniors embark on the end of their undergraduate chapters, they must decide how much to spend on this momentous occasion. The glitz and glamour of it all can get quite expensive.

Graduation can be a lot on the do-list with the photoshoots, custom stoles, celebration parties and presents. Everything comes full circle as students embark on their journeys. It is the time to put money to good use and make memories one can forever cherish.

Bronson Jones, an upcoming fall graduate, looks forward to graduation, but some of the graduation necessities caught him off guard.

“The most stressful part about paying for graduation are the hidden fees,” Jones said.

“I’m just finding out you have to pay for a cap and gown. Why do I have to pay for a cap and gown? I already have to pay for classes, food, transportation, and Rattler pack, so why do I have to pay for that too?”

While many are just finding out about their financial obligations for graduation, others have been planning for quite some time. As they finalize designs and concepts, their ideas all come together. They are excited to put their creativity to the test and see the results.

Danielle Boyd, a graduating graphic design major, wants the best of everything for her graduation season, regardless of the price.

“I’m paying for a graduation photoshoot, wig, wig install, nails, clothes, shoes, custom stole, and cap and gown. The shoot alone is $500, wig and the install is about $300-400 each, nails $100 minimum…,” Boyd said.

“The maximum amount I would spend is $3,000, but I still would not be surprised if it went over that. I want it to be what I want because I’ll only graduate this one time.”

Setting a budget beforehand can help so the costs don’t get out of hand. It can be stressful to get everything on the graduation list. Students must allocate money for both their wants and needs.

Some students are just staying present at the moment and haven’t planned to do anything yet. Jada Haywood, a graduating senior, doesn’t necessarily have a set budget for all of her expenses.

“I’m not going to lie I don’t know what I need to graduate,” she said.

Some students are willing to pay top dollar for their best graduation experiences, while some stick to low and budget-friendly. The graduation experience is different for each senior ultimately, it is up to them how much they are willing and able to spend.