Giahni Bosquet circulating his talent beyond Tallahassee

Giahni in his element. Photo courtesy: Derrick Taylor

Music is one of the many outlets Tallahassee creatives tap into to share their stories and express themselves through rhythmic sound and unique flows. Florida A&M alumna and independent artist Giahni Bosquet is constantly evolving his craft and circulating his talent both throughout and beyond the Tallahassee area.

Bosquet started making music in his early teenage years. His journey began with playing records and watching his friend Roc make beats while rapping on top of them. These moments led to him getting a better understanding of himself as an artist in his senior year of high school.

“I started making music around 14 or 15,” Bosquet said. “I was playing around on the computer, playing records in my headphones and things like that. I just matured from there and started taking music seriously towards my senior year trying to better cultivate myself,” he added.

Bosquet describes himself as an expressionist using music to share his world with others and appreciates both the platforms and ability to do so.

“I view myself as an expressionist, a person of appreciation and art,” Bosquet said. “I feel like there is a nuance to art and the ability to experience it, and I think of myself as a filter for the two.”

Bosquet creates because he believes it is within his freedom to share his perspective, and music is where he feels most connected.

“I feel like it’s my human right to explore and process how I feel about the world around me,” Bosquet said. “The world shows us so much every day, and music is an outlet to let that out. I am just happy to be a part of that,” he added.

Musical art is about connection and the exchange of emotion through various sounds and lyrics. Bosquet wants listeners to hear his music with no bounds and to cultivate safe spaces when they play his songs.

“I want folks to feel free and to not question themselves,” Bosquet said. “There is a liberating feeling to the music and the content in it, so I just want my sound to be a safe space for them to feel, whatever that may be,” Bosquet said.

Giahni is constantly deepening his sound and expanding his flow. Listeners can stream his recent project “Deep Shades of Brown” on all platforms and view his recent music video “Free Game,” a collaborative project with artist Israel Jones. Fans can also expect more collaboration with

Jones in an upcoming project titled “The Sun Shines on Us All,” beginning with the first rollout of the song “Invisible Man” on YouTube now.