Student is a UPS ambassador

Photo of Sydney DeMar courtesy DeMar

Florida A&M student Sydney DeMar hosted a virtual UPS [United Parcel Service] internship info session on Wednesday. DeMar is a second-year psychology major who has been a brand ambassador for a month and employed as a sales and solutions intern since May.

“As a brand ambassador, it is my job to act as a liaison between FAMU students and UPS. It is my job to align Rattlers with a potential internship and career opportunity with UPS and also provide professional development opportunities for students,” DeMar said.

The meeting began with DeMar sharing background information about herself and her experience working with UPS.

“UPS allowed me to network with a lot of people. We’ve had chats with leadership, presidents and vice presidents, and those were like Q&As,” DeMar said. “It’s a good way to network with people in high positions.”

There also was a segment that gave background about UPS such as when and where the company was founded, along with information that is not typically known.

“Most people when they think about UPS, they think about the big brown truck and the package that you’ve been waiting for all week, but UPS has a lot more opportunities than just delivery drivers and the big brown truck,” DeMar said.

A list was provided along with explanations of the nine different career departments available with the company. Engineering, finance and accounting, communications, human resources, I.T., sales and solutions, procurement, UPS capital and global business are all paths within UPS.

All of these different departments offer employment opportunities. According to U.S. Funds, in 2022 UPS was one of the top 10 largest Fortune 500 employers in the country with more than 400,000 employees.

DeMar provided a link to the internship application which allows applicants to view details of duties included along with the locations of each. She then gave viewers a heads up on the fact that the company recruits heavily in the fall so to turn in applications as soon as possible.

Demar says she is also able to help students by submitting their name to recruiters and have their applications pulled to speed up the process, and can also provide guidance on choosing a position.

At the end of the meeting, links for staying connected such as group chats were displayed along with a Q&A segment.

Those who have an interest but couldn’t attend the meeting can email or  on information that was provided.