Each dorm to hold elections Friday

Photo courtesy FAMU housing

Just like every year, campaign season on the campus of Florida A&M University is a time full of great anticipation and energy.

This fall, however, a different type of campaign is underway. The University Residence Hall Association is hosting Hall Government elections.

According to FAMUINFO, “The government intends to deliberate over, allocate for, and accommodate the means to improve upon residence halls and provide its residents with a transformative residential experience through programming and advocacy initiatives.”

The government will be within each of the eight on-campus residence halls as a representation for all students living on campus. Residents in each hall will vote for their own hall government officers. The structure of the government is president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and programming chair.

The RHA Hall Governments will be responsible for supporting residential communities by organizing events tailored to the needs of students living on campus. This allows students the opportunity to network and engage with other students.

In addition to events hosted, this will provide a bridge between students and housing staff to better communicate concerns and needs.

RHA President Chloe Deniss says she is excited about the upcoming positions and the opportunity for students to share their views through a unique style of student leadership.

“This gives students in residence halls the opportunity to step into leadership roles and be a leader on campus, while also helping RHA embody their values and mission statement,” she said.

Deniss says that previous events hosted by RHA have encouraged students to feel more comfortable finding their place on campus.

“Through events we’ve done on campus, I know a couple of people have been really shy and these events have helped them come out of their shell and meet like-minded individuals, rather than just staying in their rooms.”

RHA Executive Senator, Tamara McGhee says that all students on campus should get involved with RHA. She says she believes in the importance of Hall Government, and how it can help.

“RHA Hall Government will benefit students by advocating for what the student body needs in their specific residence halls. It will allow the residents’ needs to be delivered quicker and more efficiently. It will also allow students to plan events catered to their individual hall’s general body needs,” she said.

The campaign schedule is as follows:

Application/Intent to run: Sept. 15-20;

Approval or denial to campaign: Sept. 21-22;

Dead days (no campaigning): Sept. 23-24;

Campaigning inside your assigned residence hall: Sept. 25-28.

Voting will take place this Friday, Sept. 29, in each residence hall. For any questions or concerns, students are advised to contact McGhee at rha@famu.edu.