Annual TalTech event is next week

Photo courtesy TalTech Alliance

Haven’t you heard? The Tallahassee Technology Alliance [TalTech], a nonprofit organization, will be hosting its annual conference on Wednesday, Oct. 4.

This dynamic platform unites tech industry leaders, entrepreneurs, students and individuals with a shared vision, promotes technology-based entrepreneurship, business expansion and innovation.

With its mission to connect government, education and businesses to create opportunities and establish the greater Tallahassee area as a center for technology innovation. TalTech is setting the stage for a brighter future.

Each year, the conference draws leaders, innovators and technology enthusiasts to discuss and advance the community’s tech industry.

This year promises another exciting division filled with career fairs, panel discussions and captivating students ideas. One unique aspect of the TalTech conference is to show the talent and innovation of local student entrepreneurs.

Bonnie Burk, TalTech’s director of recruitment, said, “There were  students from Florida State and Florida A&M doing amazing things, and we wanted help by having them present their ideas to larger and local audiences.”

Burk also said this opportunity allows these aspiring entrepreneurs to showcase their talent and helps them “spread the word about their businesses, gain a following on social media and potentially attract customers.”

As part of the event professors from both schools will be carefully selecting five students who will then have the privilege to present their project ideas. Each student will be given a total of five to seven minutes to pitch their entrepreneurial proposals.

In the same way, the TalTech conference will also offer students more than just a platform to present their businesses, it also serves as a learning opportunity for students to discover what their peers are doing in the local technology industry. It will also offer an opportunity to network with local companies and professionals who can offer guidance, mentorship and collaboration opportunities. Throughout the conference, general sessions, breakout sessions and a career expo will be designed to aid meaningful interactions and forge connections that can hopefully lead to exciting opportunities. Burk hopes for this year and the following years more people to be engaged with TalTech Alliance: “It is our hope that we bring together our tech community and exchange ideas, best practices, discuss and learn what’s new and, of course, opportunities for networking,” he said.

The conference is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, Oct. 4, at the Turnbull Center on FSU’s campus.