Students explore creativity through content creation

Photo Courtesy: Tamia Williams

In the digital era, life in front of the camera is something that’s becoming quite common.
Students have taken their passions and personalities to the world of content creation in order to
brand themselves.

Content creators are anyone who creates engaging educational or entertaining content through
any digital form of media. The content created can be as simple as a short clip with a quote, or as
complex as a 30-minute YouTube video.

The flexibility that students can have when creating content is what makes it appealing for some.
Christopher Peterson, a student who recently started his content creation journey, shares that

“Most of my videos are of me getting dressed, I put a quote to inspire people or something that
makes people think, and I’m already doing what I’m doing anyway, so I just set the camera up,
and there’s nothing hard about that,” said Peterson.

Although the content might not be “hard” to make, Peterson aims to make content to inspire
those around him. For about 3 years, he has been making content and he says his main
inspiration is the bible.

“All of my videos have something to do with scripture or Christianity.”

Other students have taken a more entertaining approach to their style of content creation. Said
Burnside, a basketball player at Connors State College, has chosen to showcase his experience as
a student-athlete.

“My main purpose for starting was to inspire others who are on the same basketball journey I’m
on,” said Francis.

“I want people to be able to look at my videos and be like I can do that too.”

Despite the appealing qualities of being a content creator, there is the struggle between creating
consistent, quality content while being a top student working towards their degree. In order to
see the results of your work and build a following, there needs to be a consistent flow of content,
which can make it difficult for some.

Tamia Williams, a fashion content creator, is trying to fit the two worlds together in her everyday

“The hardest thing is finding a balance between school and finding time on when to film. It can
be hectic sometimes trying to find time for everything,” said Williams.

Ultimately, these student content creators are just a few of the many working to use their
creativity and skills to showcase their passions. Although it might be difficult to manage time as
a student, many remain dedicated to the craft.