Roberson starts hair oil company

Latisha Roberson
Photo courtesy: Roberson

Transitioning from one career to another requires courage, determination and a true
passion for the new path. Latisha Roberson, a former middle school teacher, has
embarked on an exciting journey of entrepreneurship in the beauty industry. With a
deep love for haircare and a desire to create products that promote healthy natural hair
for women of color, she represents an inspiring story and now she is planning to launch
her own hair oil company, Heir Tresses & Care.

Roberson, based in Tallahassee, recounts her experience as a teacher and the moment that sparked her
interest in going into the beauty industry. While teaching, she noticed that many of her
African American students struggled with self-esteem issues related to their hair.

“I would notice when my students of color didn’t have their braids or wigs installed,
they were low in spirit,” Roberson said. “Sometimes they would wear caps, and I would
ask them to remove them during class, and they would say they couldn’t remove them
because their hair wasn’t done. I wanted to create a product that caused young women
of all ages to feel comfortable and embrace their natural state.”

This realization ignited a desire within her to find a solution and make a positive impact
on young women of color through the practice of healthy hair care.

Driven by her newfound passion, Roberson embarked on a journey of research and
experimentation. She took a dive into the world of haircare, studying the properties of
different oils, their roots, and their benefits for hair care. Combining her knowledge of
oils, she carefully selected a blend that would provide deep hydration, promote hair
growth, and improve the overall health of natural hair. This led to her crafting her very
own unique hair oil formula.

Starting a business is not always the easiest thing to do, and many newfound
entrepreneurs face challenges. Roberson has experienced a few hurdles herself
throughout the planning of the brand launch.

“Every day isn’t always a smooth one. Some days I wake up and I feel as though I have
it all together, and on other days I feel like the world is caving in on me,” Roberson said.
“But with the continuous support of family and friends, I keep going. It’s nice to have
those nearest to you support your vision. It fuels me.”

She hopes to build a strong sense of community and empower young women of color.
She wants to connect with other women who share a love for healthy hair.

Roberson has left an everlasting impression on her friend, Ashley Smith, who shared
what she felt about Latisha’s vision.

“I love what Latisha is doing; from the moment she shared her vision with me, I
encouraged her. I definitely love how dedicated and passionate she is,” Smith said.
“She is a great friend and, overall, a great person. I feel that she will make a huge
impact on the community of color. I’m so excited to see how large her company grows.”

Roberson says she is looking forward to making a difference and seeing how she can
take her vision to the next level.