Essential Theatre stages ‘Single Black Females’

Photo courtesy Unsplash

The FAMU Essential Theatre is set to capture its audience with an insightful and entertaining show called “Single Black Female” (SBF), a comedic play directed by Lisa B. Thompson. This intriguing show dives into the lives of two Black women, offering a touching exploration of their experiences, challenges and triumphs in the modern dating world. Set against the backdrop of 2008, a year many would consider to be a pivotal year in American history.

At its core, SBF revolves around the lives of two best friends who share their heartful and hilarious stories with the audience. Through monologues and dialogue, the two characters lay bare their innermost thoughts and emotions, discussing the stereotypes, societal expectations, and the relentless quest for love and companionship that most Black women face. The play navigates the complexities of racial and gender dynamics, shedding light on how these factors influence their pursuit of love, self-worth, and personal growth.

In addition, the play raises thought-provoking questions about the evolving roles and relationships within the Black community. In a world where Black women are gaining increasing influence socially, politically and economically, the play confronts the visible disconnect between Black men and Black women.

SBF also examines a lingering question of why so many Black women remain unmarried and asks whether the fault lies between person to person or if there’s really any fault at all. The play challenges its audience to consider the implications for Black families and the African American legacy if love remains difficult to find.

What sets this production apart is its unique approach. It is not a traditional play reading but rather an immersive experience where the absence of a set brings the audience closer to the action.

Valerie Charmant St. Jean, president of FAMU Essential Theatre club and cast member in the show, said. “Yes, there is no set, and the audience is very close to the actors, like a usual play reading, but in true FAMU Essential Theatre style, we decided to change it up.” St. Jean said. “The play only has two characters, but we used three actresses to represent each character and highlight the phases of womanhood and all the expectations that come with each stage.”

The actresses playing the two characters are Rebekah Tyson, Marieshka Robert, Valerie Charmant St. Jean, Viergenie Geneus, Jade Livingston and Kyndal Jones.

SBF is scheduled to be shown on Thursday, Sept. 28 through Saturday, Sept. 30.